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NLE Choppa’s Insane Jewelry Collection - Chains, Pendants & More

on Aug 29, 2023

NLE Choppa, born Bryson Potts, catapulted to fame almost overnight, evolving from a Memphis high school student into a viral sensation. Born on November 1, 2002, in Memphis, Tennessee, he took his first steps into the rap game at the tender age of 14. Officially launching his rap career in 2018, when he was just 15, NLE Choppa quickly grabbed the spotlight.

By 2019, he was a household name in the rap industry, amassing hundreds of millions of views on YouTube alone. His breakthrough came with major hits like "Shotta Flow" and "Camelot." The acronym NLE stands for "No Love Entertainment," a label that captures both his professional ethos and personal style.

Despite his overnight fame and incredible popularity on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, NLE Choppa is not one to splurge all his earnings on material possessions. He has expressed that he generally prefers investing his money. But even someone with a keen investment sense can't resist the allure of high-quality, eye-catching jewelry. Dive into this article to explore the extravagant and sometimes emotionally significant pieces in NLE Choppa's fascinating jewelry collection.

Cottonwood Chain - $500,000

When it comes to making a statement with jewelry, NLE Choppa does not hold back. One of the most stunning pieces in his collection is the Cottonwood Chain, priced at a jaw-dropping $500,000. Crafted meticulously from rose gold, the chain features a pendant that spells out "Cotton Wood," with each "O" ingeniously replaced by a broken heart symbol.

But the real showstopper is the bling. The pendant is absolutely smothered in diamonds, making it a piece that not only stands out but also shouts opulence. Adding a finishing touch to this luxurious item is its infinity link chain, a symbolic and elegant addition that elevates the piece's overall aesthetic.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing this extraordinary piece in action is something else entirely. Catch a glimpse of the Cottonwood Chain in the video below to truly understand why it’s worth every penny.

From Dark to Light Chain




Art meets jewelry in NLE Choppa's "From Dark to Light" chain, a specially crafted masterpiece designed by Flawless Diamonds Jewelers. Unlike generic bling, this pendant holds special sentimental value as it's intimately tied to NLE Choppa's album "From Dark to Light," which charts his personal journey and growth as an artist. The jewelry piece is an emblem that captures the album's thematic essence in a uniquely tangible form.

The circular pendant features a breathtaking backdrop of rare baguette diamonds, setting the stage for what lies at its heart. In the center, a character rendered in vibrant yellow gold steals the spotlight, and its hair is intricately detailed with striking black diamonds. Each material and color choice in this pendant seems to convey a different emotional tone, mirroring the complexities of the journey from darkness to enlightenment—fitting the album's title perfectly.

This piece isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. The mix of very rare baguette diamonds with yellow and black tones signifies the contrasting elements of NLE Choppa's life and career. Just like the album it represents, the "From Dark to Light" chain captures the duality of struggle and success, hardship and triumph. Wearing it is not merely a fashion choice for NLE Choppa; it's a proclamation of his narrative, his transformation, and his vision as an artist.

Half Lion Half Bear Chain

This remarkable piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of the duality that defines NLE Choppa himself. Crafted meticulously by Flawless Diamonds, the pendant captures the essence of two powerful animals: a lion and a bear. This amalgamation represents strength, courage, and resilience, traits synonymous with NLE Choppa's persona.

The pendant features a unique backplate shaped like a heart, made entirely out of luxurious white gold. The animal faces, meanwhile, are artfully crafted from rose gold, offering a striking contrast. But what really sets this chain apart is the extravagant use of VVS natural diamonds, which cover the piece in a brilliant layer of sparkle.

Completing the piece is a thick "Big Boy" Cuban Link Chain, making it not just a pendant but a statement of opulence and personal style. All in all, this chain is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a masterpiece that speaks volumes about NLE Choppa's multifaceted personality.

"Me Vs Me" Black Diamond Chain

NLE Choppa Me Vs Me Chain Pendant

The Black Diamond Chain is a stunningly detailed piece that showcases NLE Choppa's album "Me vs Me." Crafted by the renowned Flawless Diamonds Co., the pendant features a fascinating blend of black and colorless VVS diamonds set in white gold. The two enamel figures of NLE Choppa add a unique artistic flair to the piece.

What further distinguishes this chain are the words "Me Vs Me" engraved in yellow gold on three sides of the pendant. This serves not just as an aesthetic embellishment but also as a constant reminder of the internal battles and triumphs that define NLE Choppa's journey. It's a conversation starter and a statement piece, capturing the essence of the artist in a wearable form.

Custom "No Love ENT" Pendant - $40,000

NLE Choppa No Love Chain

In February 2019, NLE Choppa acquired a custom pendant that embodies his brand, ethos, and personal style—aptly named the "No Love ENT" Pendant. This stunning piece, worth $40,000, brings NLE Choppa's vision to life in shimmering white gold. The pendant is a symbolic manifestation of "No Love Entertainment," the label that NLE Choppa has always aspired to create.

Further enhancing the allure of the piece are the VVS diamonds that generously cover the pendant's letters. Adding a touch of individuality and color is a purple heart at the center of the design, covered with Pink Sapphire Stones. This carefully chosen gemstone not only adds a pop of color but also encapsulates the ethos of "No Love ENT."

YFN Pendant

NLE Choppa YFN Chain Pendant

Gifts between artists often carry sentimental and symbolic weight, and the YFN Pendant that NLE Choppa received from YFN Lucci is no exception. "YFN" stands for "Young Fly N*ggas," and this piece was literally taken off YFN Lucci's neck to be gifted to NLE Choppa—an action that speaks volumes about the mutual respect and camaraderie between the two rappers.

While the monetary value of the pendant isn't explicitly stated, its emotional and symbolic worth is beyond measure. The gesture of gifting the pendant signifies a rite of passage and acceptance within a community where respect is often hard-won. It serves as a tangible token of the bond between YFN Lucci and NLE Choppa, and a nod to the culture that they both represent.

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Top Shotta Pendant

NLE Choppa Top Shotta Chain Pendant

The Top Shotta Pendant is a vivid tapestry of NLE Choppa's multi-faceted background and journey. The term "Shotta" is Jamaican in origin, a nod to NLE Choppa's Jamaican heritage. It typically refers to someone who is a big deal or a game-changer in the community. "Top Shotta" takes it a notch higher, translating to "Top of them all," which is an apt description of NLE Choppa's rise to fame.

Interestingly, the pendant also features a Mexican flag, which at first glance might seem like a conflicting symbol. However, it serves to tell a richer story about NLE Choppa. He was born in a neighborhood that had a strong Mexican influence, which played a role in shaping his identity. Adding to this, his childhood nickname was "Baby Mexico," a moniker that further cements the significance of the Mexican flag on the pendant.

This blend of Jamaican and Mexican elements in a single piece of jewelry not only serves as a testament to NLE Choppa's diverse influences but also encapsulates his unique journey from a local neighborhood kid to a global rap sensation. The Top Shotta Pendant is, therefore, much more than a luxurious item; it's a symbolic representation of who NLE Choppa is and the eclectic cultural tapestry that has woven him into the person he is today.

Death Row Records Pendant

NLE Choppa Death Row Records Chain Pendant

In the realm of hip-hop jewelry, certain pieces stand out not just for their bling but also for their significance, and NLE Choppa's Death Row Records Pendant falls squarely into that category. Crafted by King Ice, a reputable name in the world of custom hip-hop jewelry, this pendant is a tribute to the legendary Death Row Records label that played a pivotal role in shaping the West Coast hip-hop scene.

NLE Choppa was seen flaunting this beautiful piece in his music video for the song "Step," adding another layer of depth to its overall meaning. Made from exquisite white gold, the pendant's letters are adorned with VVS diamonds, known for their top-tier quality and minimal inclusions.

The Death Row Records Pendant isn't just an extravagant piece of jewelry; it's also an emblem of the rap legacy that NLE Choppa respects and aspires to be a part of. By wearing it, he aligns himself with hip-hop greats like Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, who were all once part of the Death Row Records family. In doing so, he not only pays homage to the iconic label but also sets his sights on what he aims to achieve in his own career. It serves as a shining declaration that NLE Choppa isn't here just to participate in the rap game; he's here to become an integral part of its history.

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Custom Diamond Grillz - $25,000

NLE Choppa Grills

NLE Choppa's diamond grillz are a dazzling testament to his unique style. Crafted by famed jeweler Johnny Dang, these $25,000 grills are a luxurious blend of white gold and flawless natural diamonds. While NLE Choppa had lost two pairs of grills before, he has been extra careful with these high-end pieces. The best part? He paid just $14k for them, thanks to a special gift pricing from Johnny Dang.

Buss Down Audemars Piguet (AP) Watch

NLE Choppa Watches

NLE Choppa has a particular fondness for his Audemars Piguet (AP) watch, which he affectionately calls "My Baby." This luxurious timepiece is constructed entirely from white gold and is adorned with flawless VVS Diamonds. The watch's face has a unique feature: it glows green in the dark, a detail Choppa only discovered by chance.

The watch wasn't just a self-indulgence; it was a gift from his friends to celebrate his skyrocketing career. NLE Choppa owns two of these exquisite AP watches, although the second one has a slight imperfection—a crack on its face. Despite this, the watch remains a prized possession and a symbol of his success.

Bike Link Chain & Bracelet - $60,000

NLE Choppa Bike Link Chain and Bracelet

NLE Choppa's Bike Link Chain and Bracelet set, valued at $60,000, is as unique as it is luxurious. Made entirely out of white gold, both the chain and the bracelet are meticulously covered with diamonds in a pave and prong setting. Choppa humorously notes that the links look so much like actual bike chains that "you could put these on a bike right now."

Despite their high value and luxurious design, these pieces also reflect NLE Choppa's down-to-earth personality and unconventional style. They serve as another example of how the rapper's jewelry collection is not just an expression of wealth but also of personal meaning and individual flair.

NLE Choppa Was on the Show "On The Rocks" show, organized by GQ in 2020 where he didn't own half the pieces which he owns today. Here's the GQ interview video:

NLE Choppa is not the only rapper who is in love with high end jewelry. Explore Blueface's and Lil Durk Jewelry!

To Wrap This Up

NLE Choppa's rise to fame has been meteoric, and his love for extravagant jewelry showcases his success in the music industry. From his iconic Cottonwood Chain to his sentimental "No Love ENT" pendant and his luxurious Buss Down Audemars Piguet watch, each piece tells a story. While he claims not to invest much in jewelry, preferring to channel his earnings into other forms of investment, his collection suggests otherwise. It's an eclectic mix of style, culture, and sheer opulence—much like the artist himself. Whether it's a gift from a fellow artist or a personal splurge, each item in NLE Choppa's collection is more than just a fashion statement; it's a symbol of his journey, his achievements, and his personality.

    In this article we're going to look into:
    Author: Israel Cubillo
    Author: Israel Cubillo
    Israel Cubillo Was Born in New York City he grew up moving around the US. He is currently working on his bachelor’s of finance and is working on jewelry related content via his YouTube channel. He consistently makes video content on different kinds of jewelry showcasing different styles and brands to his subscribers as well creating informing content to teach his viewers about the complexities of jewelry, additionally giving high quality reviews of items consumers may be looking to purchase. He joined Icecartel team in early 2023 as a jewelry content writer.
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    Author: Israel Cubillo
    Author: Israel Cubillo
    Israel Cubillo Was Born in New York City he grew up moving around the US. He is currently working on his bachelor’s of finance and is working on jewelry related content via his YouTube channel. He consistently makes video content on different kinds of jewelry showcasing different styles and brands to his subscribers as well creating informing content to teach his viewers about the complexities of jewelry, additionally giving high quality reviews of items consumers may be looking to purchase. He joined Icecartel team in early 2023 as a jewelry content writer.

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