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Jesus Piece Gold Chains

Jesus Pieces

Shop our collection of Jesus Piece 14K Gold Chains

Jesus Pieces

Jesus Pendant

Jesus Piece Chains Collection

Our Jesus Piece Chains Collection offers a range of sizes to suit every preference. For those who prefer subtlety, our "mini jesus piece 14k" is perfect, offering a minimalist touch. Meanwhile, larger pieces are available for those who like a more prominent, heavier necklace.

Gold Jesus Pieces in Three Gold Hues

We use real 14K gold for our Jesus pieces, ensuring durability and excellent value. Choose from three gold hues: White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold. Our collection includes 14k gold jesus pendants and real gold jesus piece chains, with the white gold jesus piece being a popular choice.

Iced Out Diamond Jesus Pieces Made of 925 Sterling Silver & 14K Gold

Our Jesus pendants are available in either moissanite or natural diamonds. We craft these pieces using high-quality materials like 925 sterling silver or 14K Gold, catering to various preferences and styles.

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Jesus Pendants Review

Custom Jesus Pendant Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Jesus Piece Chain?

The cost of a moissanite Jesus piece can range from $500 to over $30,000. Typically, the more affordable options, priced in the hundreds, are made from silver and plated with gold. On the higher end of the scale, reaching tens of thousands of dollars, are the Jesus pieces crafted from solid gold, embellished with either natural or lab diamonds.

What is a Jesus Piece Chain?

A Jesus Piece chain features a pendant with the face of Jesus Christ, often depicted wearing a crown of thorns. This pendant may be adorned with diamonds or other precious stones. While it initially symbolized Christian faith, similar to traditional cross pendants, its meaning has expanded, especially in the hip-hop industry, where it has become a significant cultural icon, worn by many famous rappers.

Who Made the Jesus Piece Popular?

While Kanye West is often credited with popularizing the Jesus Piece in 2004, it was actually Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) who first introduced this style in the hip-hop world in the mid-90s. The original Jesus Pieces, created by jeweler Tito Caicedo, were purchased by Biggie Smalls for a total of $30,000.

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