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Moissanite Hip Hop Rings

Iced out VVS Moissanite Diamond Rings
Moissanite Tennis Bracelets Image

Moissanite Bracelet from Ice Cartel

When you want to get a premium quality, fashionable moissanite diamond bracelet, there's no better place to go than Ice Cartel. Our jewelers have crafted some of the most incredible, iced out moissanite bracelets with VVS diamonds, 925 silver and 14K gold. We know what's good when it comes to high-end jewelry: trust us and shop now for the best moissanite diamond bracelets!

Moissanite Bracelet Gold Options

One thing that makes Ice Cartel a little different from the rest of the jewelers out there is that we make full use of yellow, white and rose gold. There are bracelets for everyone here, and if you want a custom moissanite piece – we've got you covered there too! Reach out to us and decide whether you want yellow, white or rose 14K gold. We PVD plate sterling 925 silver to make our creations – top stuff.

Stunning VVS Moissanite Bracelets

Something that really sets us apart is our utilization of VVS moissanite. Our supplier only gives us the cream of the crop – high-end colorless, round diamonds that we set into 925 silver and 14K gold to create our jewelry. You can always trust us to bring you the greatest moissanite diamond bracelets that you'll want to wear on a daily basis. High end jewelry from Ice Cartel – shop now.

Explore the Selection of Moissanite Bracelets for Men

We have plenty of variety when it comes to moissanite bracelets: men's designs here come in at dozens of options, with a different flavor and approach taken with each and every bracelet. Want to grab yourself a moissanite baguette bracelet? No problem. What about a Miami-style Cuban link in 14K white gold? That's good too! Let Ice Cartel's team take care of you with our stellar jewelry.

Hand Crafted Moissanite Perfection

We care about the quality of our products, and that means allowing our jewelers to really focus on their craft and create the best moissanite bracelets possible. A lot of care and attention has gone into everything that you'll find at Ice Cartel – including our moissanite baguette bracelets and alternatives. Rest assured that what you'll get from us is built to last – and is iced out to the max.

We Utilize 925 Silver & 14K Gold

Years of experience in this jewelry industry has made us experts when it comes to material selection and craftsmanship: that's why we care most about using 14K gold and 925 silver. In our experience, higher karats of PVD plated gold just don't last as long and at 14K, you get a durable material that looks fantastic and is suitable for holding our moissanite diamonds for many, many years.

Moissanite Mariner Bracelet

Moissanite Bracelets FAQs

Do moissanite bracelets come with a GRA certificate?

Yes: you'll find that all jewelry from Ice Cartel ships with a GRA certificate that guarantees your product uses VVS moissanite diamonds. Other jewelers sometimes use alternative materials, or lower grade diamonds – we want you to be secure in the knowledge that we use top end moissanite diamonds for our crafts and the moissanite bracelet you'll receive will come with a certificate from GRA to confirm that what we're saying is true. When buying from other stores, you should always ask for certification – if they're unable or unwilling to provide it, think twice about your purchase!

Do you offer custom moissanite bracelets?

Absolutely – and it's something that we do incredibly well too. Quite a decent slice of our business is custom jewelry and our team has extensive experience in creating one-off pieces that are tailor made to our clients' specific requirements. To date, we haven't had a single request that we haven't been able to fulfill – so no matter what it is that you want, reach out and we'll walk you through the custom moissanite bracelet process. As with all of our creations, it'll be 14K gold (white/rose/yellow available), 925 sterling silver and VVS moissanite diamonds. Contact Ice Cartel now and let's craft the ultimate custom moissanite bracelet for you.

Do you also offer moissanite bangles?

Bangles are actually quite complex and difficult to craft – Ice Cartel doesn't want to rush putting our products to market quite yet: not until we think we've got the bangles 100% correct. So although we don't currently have moissanite bangles, it's something that we'll likely add to our catalog in the next year. Watch out for those: we're confident that we'll have the hottest iced out bangles on the market and anyone who wants an iced out piece will come to us because no one else will be able to compete! But for now, take a look at our iced out bracelets and see why so many people make Ice Cartel their one and only source for hip hop jewelry.

How much do moissanite bracelets cost?

The price of the bracelet you want to buy is determined by its size, number of moissanite diamonds used and difficulty of the craft. We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible and believe that for the cost, our stock is the best that you'll find. Bracelets typically start at around $300 USD and can go up to $1,000 for special editions, although most of them are in the $300 to $400 USD price range. Please note that if you put in a custom order, you'll be paying more. Ice Cartel wants to bring high end iced out jewelry to you at a decent price and we're always looking for ways to cut costs without lowering our quality standards.

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