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black moissanite all jewelry


Black Moissanite Chains & necklaces plated with 14k black gold and encrusted with black diamonds.

Black Moissanite Jewelry

Black Moissanite Cuban Chain Necklace

Highest Quality Black Moissanite Jewelry

Elevate your style to luxurious heights with our premium Black Moissanite Jewelry collection. At Icecartel, we don’t just sell jewelry; we deliver a experience. Our Black Moissanite pieces are a testament to our commitment to quality and design, featuring the finest moissanite stones that rival the brilliance of diamonds.

New Era Of Jewelry

Step into the future with our Black Moissanite collection – the cutting-edge alternative to traditional diamond jewelry. Each piece in our selection offers a fresh look, especially with white clothes.

14K Gold & VVS Moissanite Black Diamonds

Our Black Moissanite jewelry is set in solid 14K gold and covered with VVS quality moissanite black diamonds. These stones are carefully picked out to make jewelry with the best stones available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Black Moissanite Jewelry?

Black Moissanite is a synthetically produced gem, consisting of silicon carbide that's been treated to achieve its distinctive black hue. This makes it a more affordable and readily available alternative to natural black diamonds. Often utilized in crafting jewelry, Black Moissanite offers a cost-effective diamond-like option, particularly popular in creating striking black moissanite rings.

Does Black Moissanite Pass The Diamond Tester?

Yes. All ICECARTEL jewelry is going to pass the diamond tester. This is because VVS Moissanite conducts heat and electricity in a similar manner as to natural diamonds.

Does Black Moissanite Loose It's Color Over Time?

No, black moissanite is not a coated diamond, which means It's entirely black from inside to outside. Black moissanite will keep It's beautiful shine for a lifetime.

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