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How to prevent your Moissanite Jewerly from getting cloudy?

Keep your hygiene

Try to make it a habit that before wearing your jewelry you have taken a shower.

Wear Clean Clothing

Try not to wear your jewelry on bare skin. Wearing a clean t-shirt under your jewelry will extend the clarity of your moissanite jewelry.

Store your jewelry in Icecartel Leather Box

Storing your Jewelry in a box prevents your jewelry from having damages and keeps the diamonds away from daylight.

Let a professional Polish your jewelry

If you do see your jewelry getting cloudy after years of using, contact us and our team of jewelry experts will make your diamonds shine like a dime.

Prevent these to avoid damaging your jewelry

No exposure to chemicals

Salt, Water, chlorine water and other chemicals shouldn't get in contact with your jewelry.

Clean your jewelry

We recommend using a soft cloth to remove dust and liquids from the surface of your jewelry.

Store in a dry place

Try storing your jewelry in a place where's low humidity and as little daylight as possible. We recommend storing your jewelry in Icecartel Jewelry box.

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