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☀️ Summer Sale | Up to 40% OFF

🚚 Free Shipping on All Orders

moissanite cuban link chains

Moissanite Cuban Link Chains

Shop Iced Out Moissanite Cuban Link chains made of 925 Silver and PVD Plated with 14K White Gold.

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Men's moissanite Cuban Link Chain Icecartel

The Highest Quality Iced Out Cuban Link Chains

There's nothing that says 'iced out jewelry' quite like a proper Cuban link chain. These have been around for decades and signify status and wealth like no other accessory can. That's why at Ice Cartel, we take our iced out Cuban link & Tennis chains incredibly seriously. We're talking about the best jewelers in the world working with VVS colorless diamonds to create absolute masterpieces. Ice Cartel does lots of things well, but if there's one thing that we excel at, it's iced out Cuban chains.

Gold Or Silver: Your Choice

Whether you want a Cuban link chain silver iced out or a classic gold piece – there's something for everyone here at Ice Cartel. Plenty of variety with style, thickness, gold used and so on: it's all about giving you the quality you desire and deserve. The 14K white gold and yellow gold plating we use gives your real iced out Cuban link chain a fantastic canvas for those pristine diamonds. Pictures do not do our range justice: once you get a chain from us, you're never buying from another jeweler again.

Hefty Chains For Kings

If you're really looking for a thick, heavy moissanite Cuban link chain – we have you covered. Although there are thinner options here, a lot of clients prefer our thick, chunky Cuban link Hip Hop chains. Make no mistake about it: any of our iced out moissanite jewelry is going to have an impact.

VVS Moissanite Cuban Chains

Ice Cartel has a team of jewelers that have many years of experience with natural diamonds: when they transitioned to moissanite, it was a match made in heaven. One thing that makes us different is our commitment to the highest quality diamonds: it's all about clarity here, and we'll ensure that you get a Cuban link chain that is genuinely iced out.

What VVS Moissanite Is

Putting it simply: VVS is a diamond clarity grading that is just below 'internally flawless'. It might have tiny imperfections (only visible with a loupe), but because higher graded diamonds are so rare and hard to get, it makes sourcing a steady supply an almost impossible task. There are seven grades below VVS, including VS, SI, and I. None of the jewelry you'll find at Ice Cartel uses these.

3 Row 15MM moissanite cuban link chain 14k white gold custom letters on a clasp

Moissanite Cuban Link Chains FAQs

What is the difference between Cuban link chains and tennis chains?

Tennis chains are generally thinner, single-strand metal necklaces that come with a row of diamonds inlaid from end to end. They look great, but if you want a thicker chain that is synonymous with hip hop culture, a Cuban link is the way to go. These necklaces are made of looped, interlocked pieces that sit neatly together and create that signature aesthetic that you've seen time and time again. You'll find that Cuban links are quite a bit larger and heavier than tennis chains: we stock some that are over 500 grams. Learn more about Cuban Link Chains and Tennis Chains here!

Are the moissanite Cuban link chains handmade?

Although the raw materials come from a factory, our jewelers go through the difficult task of hand crafting these signature pieces to ensure that they meet our strict quality and durability guidelines. We think that the extra effort is worth it, since if you're going to create something with VVS clarity diamonds, sterling silver and gold, you might as well do it properly. No two necklaces that come from Ice Cartel are the same: they're all hand crafted and done so by people who know exactly what they're doing.

Are the diamonds VVS?

Yes: every single piece of jewelry that is crafted at Ice Cartel utilizes VVS diamonds. This is an important aspect of our business and why our aesthetic and iced out Cuban link chains are better than what the competition has to offer. Note that all of our products come with an official GRA grading certificate that certifies that our moissanite diamonds are what we say they are. This should give you the utmost confidence with buying and choosing Ice Cartel to be your jeweler of choice for real iced out Cuban link chains.

Can I customize a custom pendant to my chain?

You can: if you look at our 'pendant' section, you'll find a range of different attachments that we can attach to your Cuban link chain. Compatibility is available across every chain and every pendant: our jewelers will ensure that it's safe, secure and exactly what you ordered. Note that customization does come with a slightly longer shipping time: expect a slight delay so that we can get a master jeweler to spend time on your request. Pendants range in price from around $150 through to $1,000.

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