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moissanite cuban link bracelet

Moissanite Cuban Bracelets

Cuban Link Bracelets Iced out with VVS Clarity Moissanite Diamonds

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Icecartel Cuban Link Bracelets Velvet

Customer's Favorite: Moissanite Cuban Bracelet

If you're in the market for a Cuban link bracelet iced out to the nines, there's no better spot online for you to get exactly that. Welcome to Ice Cartel: we're the best of the best when it comes to moissanite Cuban link & tennis bracelets and can provide you with high quality, durable, fashionable and stylish Cuban link bracelets that use the finest VVS diamonds. Shop now for luxury iced out jewelry!

Stunning 14K & 925 Silver Pieces

The team at Ice Cartel has spent decades in the jewelry industry and we know the ins and outs of this business like no one else. That's why we've settled on a few key source materials to craft and create the ultimate iced out collection. 925 sterling silver is PVD plated with 14K gold (white/yellow/rose) to create all of the jewelry that we stock. Our moissanite Cuban bracelets cannot be beaten!

Custom Moissanite Cuban Link Bracelets

If you're looking for a custom piece, Ice Cartel is able to provide you with what you seek. Our expert jewelers love any challenge and regularly create high-end custom pieces for those that want iced out hip hop bracelets. When it's quality, comfort and convenience that you seek – no one does it better. Order your very own iced out Cuban link bracelet with custom options today.

Fine Iced Out Cuban Link Bracelets

Looking the part is easy thanks to our iced out Cuban bracelets: these have been designed from the ground up to look as stunning as possible, unable to be ignored by anyone who sees them. Remember that our iced out Cuban link bracelets start with silver (925) and are PVD plated with 14K white gold: this ensures a fantastic look and a durable piece of jewelry. Buy at Ice Cartel today.

Hand Crafted Moissanite Bracelets

When you work with professionals that have lots of experience with diamonds, you get some pretty incredible results. All of Ice Cartel's jewelry is hand crafted: our team takes great pride in the products you'll receive and wants every iced out Cuban Bracelet to leave our store with perfection as its central feature. Don't mess around with sub-par jewelers: not when our Cuban bracelets are this good!

Iced Out To Perfection With Moissanite

Moissanite used in our jewelry is VVS – this means that it's one of the highest grades possible. In fact, securing access to higher quality moissanite is practically impossible, meaning that the Cuban link bracelets we ice out are as fantastic as can be. One look at the jewelry we have in person will convince you that we know exactly what we're doing. No one does jewelry like Ice Cartel.

Cuban Link Example Icecartel

Moissanite Cuban Bracelets FAQs

What's the difference between moissanite tennis bracelets and Cuban link bracelets?

Tennis bracelets are almost always a singular row of moissanite diamonds aligned next to one another in a series of firm clasps. They're typically smaller than Cuban link bracelets, which are a series of interlocked chains that are identical to one another. Note that Cuban link bracelets are then drilled and have the VVS clarity moissanite diamonds inserted into the hole – this gives a different look and aesthetic to the tennis bracelets and they're quite distinct in their style. Some customers prefer tennis bracelets, whereas others are fonder of Cuban links. You can pick either from Ice Cartel – or both. So no matter what type of iced out bracelet you want, we'll be sure to have something that meets your preferences.

Can I order a custom moissanite bracelet?

Not only can you – we actively encourage that you do! The pieces that you see for sale are just the beginning of what we're capable of: we make dozens of custom pieces on a weekly basis and if you want a unique moissanite Cuban bracelet, custom ring or a custom photo pendant, we can provide you with exactly that. Note that when you put on your custom order, or jewelers will come back to you with a proposed piece design and the more information you give them about what you'd like, the better. Photographs of similar pieces, or even rough sketches, are fantastic tools for us to work with. Try to be as specific as possible – that way, we can get started on your custom bracelet instantly!

Are Cuban bracelets adjustable?

Owing to the complex interlocking procedure and the application of diamonds after the fact, Cuban bracelets cannot be adjusted. Because of this, please make sure that you order the correct size for your wrist. We have sizes ranging from 5 inches all the way up to 9 inches, with 0.5 inch increments throughout. Custom orders can be made smaller or bigger upon request, but please understand that once your bracelet has been crafted, its length cannot be altered. Ice Cartel wants each and every customer to be completely satisfied with their moissanite Cuban link bracelet – get the right one from us and you'll never look at another iced out jewelry store again.

Do moissanite Cuban bracelets pass the diamond tester?

Yes! All of the diamonds that we use in our products pass diamond tests. The reason for this is because moissanite diamonds are so similar to natural diamonds that they're practically the same thing – only being ethical and eco-friendly in addition to looking incredibly stunning. Diamond testers work by checking the heat transfer properties of the material that they're applied to: the fact is that moissanite reacts in the same way, so it passes the test. Note that a jeweler with an advanced tester (which cost thousands of dollars) will be able to tell apart moissanite from natural diamonds, but the fact that you need a highly specialized machine (instead of being able to test it by eye) is a testament to the quality and similarity of moissanite to natural diamond.

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