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Moissanite Tennis Necklace

Moissanite Tennis Chains

Shop the exclusive Hip Hop moissanite tennis necklaces & iced out chains at Ice Cartel
5mm Tennis Hip Hop Chain on Hand

Explore Moissanite Iced Out Tennis Chains

If you're looking specifically for iced out tennis chains, Ice Cartel has you covered. We work with highly skilled jewelers that have decades of experience working with natural diamonds that have now made the transition to moissanite. What you'll find with every single one of our moissanite diamond tennis chains is that they're designed and built with being worn in mind. These aren't just show pieces that you keep locked away – our tennis necklaces last, and you're encouraged to wear them whenever you can.

The Best VVS Moissanite Diamonds

Moissanite diamond chains come in a few different qualities – we work with VVS clarity diamonds, which is essentially the best that you can currently get. Our supplier creates perfect diamonds and really understands our high standards when it comes to our materials. That's why the iced out tennis chains you see here are as good as they are – it's all in the diamonds! Ethical, ecofriendly and just as stunning as natural diamonds.

Buy Different Looks Now

If you're looking for a different style of moissanite diamond chain, we likely have something that will work with your interests. Variety is the spice of life, and moissanite tennis chains should be varied in their style and aesthetic so that you can find something entirely suited to your interests and tastes. With several options here on Ice Cartel, you're bound to get a piece that resonates with you.

Moissanite Tennis Necklaces Made With Care

We take great care when it comes to crafting our 14K moissanite tennis necklace range. As with all of our jewelry, they're built to be worn and worn again. So long as you take decent care of your moissanite men's jewelry, you'll find that it will last a lifetime. Just avoid scratches, hard impacts and extreme environments – they'll be just fine if you do.

925 Sterling Silver And 14K Gold

It's not just our diamonds that are top tier: we also use industry standard 925 sterling silver and 14K yellow/white gold in our moissanite Cuban chain & tennis necklaces. These not only look great, but they assist with keeping your jewelry as sturdy and durable as possible. 14K gold is harder than higher purities – this increases the lifespan of your necklace.

Invest With Ice Cartel Today

Treat your moissanite tennis necklace as an investment: it's all about buying something that you know you can use for many years to come. People will notice your 14K moissanite tennis necklace every single time you put it on – they're show stopper pieces that light up rooms and demand answers. The last thing you want when you buy a 14K moissanite tennis necklace is for it to fall apart after a week of wear: that's not going to happen with Ice Cartel's products. Our jewelers know how to create iced out jewelry that'll be around for decades.

Icecartel Tennis Chain Yellow Gold

Moissanite Tennis Chains FAQs

What is the difference between tennis chains and Cuban link chains?

The key difference between tennis vs cuban chains is that Cuban link chains are made up of several individual pieces that are looped and interlocked – tennis chains are a continuous row of metal that have diamonds inlaid from end to end. Generally speaking, Cuban links are thicker necklaces, whereas tennis chains are more subtle (and less heavy as a result). For some, Cuban links are far too chunky and outlandish: that's why iced out tennis chains are popular alternative.

Are tennis moissanite chains durable?

Yes, they are! Well, we can't vouch for those that are crafted by other jewelers, but Ice Cartel has created all of its moissanite tennis necklaces to last as long as possible. We genuinely care about products that you can continue to wear for years and even decades on end. That's why we think of buying from us as less of a purchase and more of an investment: your moissanite tennis chain is going to be around for a long time if you look after it. That's even with regular wear in mind.

How much do moissanite tennis necklaces cost?

Our range generally begins at around $300 and goes up to $700. Please note that from time to time, we make custom moissanite pieces that can either come in above or below that – it all depends on the complication of the piece, the raw materials used and so on. The biggest cost factor is the number of moissanite diamonds utilized – the more the piece has, the more it's going to cost. We try to keep our chains competitively priced and believe that you get great deals through us. Premium quality products that you'll love from the minute you wear it! Contact us for custom orders.

Will I get a diamond certificate with the moissanite tennis chain?

All of the moissanite products that are sold on Ice Cartel come with an official GRA moissanite certificate. This allows you to check the moissanite quality used on GRA's website. They're a third-party that has provided reports on gemstones for over 20 years and are trusted for their professionalism and world-class inspection facilities. If you're serious about VVS moissanite diamonds, you'll be able to verify that this is exactly what you're getting from Ice Cartel. We have nothing to hide: when you create the best iced out moissanite tennis necklaces, you're willing to show everyone what you're working with.

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