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☀️ Summer Sale | Up to 40% OFF

🚚 Free Shipping on All Orders

Moissanite Cross Pendants

Moissanite Cross Pendants

VVS Moissanite Diamond Cross Pendants made of 925 Silver and PVD Plated with 14K Gold.

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Cross pendant Moissanite VVS Diamonds

Shop The Biggest Selection Of Moissanite Cross Pendants

Want style? Want variety? Well – you've come to the right iced out store if so. When it comes to moissanite cross pendants, we've got the best out there and the greatest variety as well. It's what Ice Cartel is all about: bringing you the finest, highest quality moissanite necklaces that you'll wear each and every day. Invest in pure iced out perfection today: it doesn't get any better than this.

Certified VVS Moissanite Diamonds

All of our moissanite cross pendants and necklaces come with a GRA certificate, ensuring that you know what we tell you is true about the materials we use. VVS is as good as it gets for stylish, classy and iced out necklaces: Ice Cartel has worked with them for many years and takes an expert approach to their usage. Making the most out of our moissanite is what makes us the best in the business.

Exclusive Moissanite Cross Necklaces

We want to make this absolutely clear: all of the products sold by Ice Cartel are exclusives, meaning that you won't find them anywhere else. What's more, we rotate out our moissanite pendants and necklaces on a regular basis, so if you see something here that you like now – get it as quickly as possible, since it might not be around for long! New designs and fresh takes are always coming through.

Iced Out Cross Pendants Shipped In 4 Days

Although we typically ask customers to wait around 7 days for shipping, the fact of the matter is that most of the orders from Ice Cartel are done within 4 days. If you're in a really remote location or lower priority country, it might take a bit longer, but our priority shipping service comes as standard and pretty much guarantees you'll get your items as quickly as possible. Learn more about shipping here!

Stylish Perfection With An Iced Out Cross Necklace

Our men's iced out cross necklaces are about as good as it gets: you'll be incredibly satisfied with how attractive and alluring these pieces are once you get your hands on them. Ice Cartel makes a point to make every item we stock as elite as possible: these necklaces garner attention from everyone, and for good reason! So if you want to stand out, grab a iced out cross pendant today.

Custom Iced Out Cross Pendants Available

Take your moissanite jewelry game to the next level with a custom piece: get in touch with Ice Cartel today and we'll talk you through how to get your idea from a thought into a reality. We've mastered the craft of custom pendants and necklaces: whatever you're thinking about, there's a good chance that we can make it happen. This exclusive service gives you ultimate control over your jewelry!

Angel Cross Pendant Hand
Moissanite Diamond Cross Pendants

Hip Hop Cross Pendants Made With 925 Silver & 14K Gold

Our experience with 925 sterling silver and 14K gold makes us think that these two materials are the best to work with for hip hop cross pendants. Lots of trial and error has gone into ensuring that our products are as good as can be and suitable for daily wear: all while still looking incredible. Do yourself a favor today and get a hip hop cross necklace from Ice Cartel.

The Perfect Hip Hop Cross Necklace Aesthetic

The look of a cross necklace made with moissanite diamonds is unlike anything else – you'll get asked questions every second about what you're wearing. That's the thing about our jewelry: it's made to draw attention and to stand out. We don't do modest – instead, we celebrate moissanite diamonds, 14K gold and 925 sterling silver to create great hip hop jewelry.

Certified VVS Moissanite Diamonds

All of the hip hop cross pendants and necklaces we have for sale utilize VVS moissanite – but don't take our word for it. All of our products ship with a GRA certificate so that you can be sure that what we're saying is true. That said, after seeing our moissanite cross pendants in person for the first time – you'll know that we're not making it up. These stunning pieces have to be seen to be believed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the moissanite diamonds have VVS clarity?

Absolutely: we would have gone even higher, but the rarity of moissanite diamonds above this grade makes that practically impossible. The good news is – VVS and higher grades are virtually indistinguishable from one another without having a microscope. Our customers want iced out moissanite jewelry and we're giving it to them. Oh, and all of our products ship with a GRA certificate: this lets you know that we're telling the truth when it comes to the materials we use and their grading. Shop safe in the knowledge that our moissanite cross pendants are as good as it gets!

Can I customize the cross pendants?

You're not required to provide us with any sketches – our team can go through the process of coming up with ideas and sending off a few samples for you to consider if you're not too sure how you want your name, or letters, to appear. That said, if you have any reference material, such as images of other pendants you've seen that you really like – those are incredibly helpful. You're not required to give us as much information as possible, but the more you do provide, the better. At the end of the day, we want you to get the custom moissanite pendant of your dreams, so try to be specific and we'll do the rest!

Do moissanite cross pendants come with a GRA certificate?

Yes: we want everyone shopping with us to know that they're getting VVS moissanite diamonds. The reason why is because we care about the materials we use and want customers to shop with confidence, knowing that what we're selling is exactly what we promised. The GRA certificate gives you a detailed breakdown of the diamond grades we craft with and each product ships with one. Thanks for shopping at Ice Cartel – the number one name for iced out jewelry and moissanite pieces.

What materials are custom moissanite pendants made from?

At the base level, Ice Cartel has experimented with a lot of different material compositions and has settled with 925 sterling silver PVD plated with 14K gold (yellow and white both available). We believe that alongside our VVS diamonds – which do come with grading certificates – this is the best possible combination for that perfect iced out aesthetic and the longevity of the piece you're purchasing. High karat gold is softer and more prone to wear and tear: that's why through lots of trial and error, we've picked these materials to create custom moissanite pendants.

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