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custom moissanite pendant

Custom Moissanite Pendants

Custom Moissanite Name, Letter and Photo Pendants

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1 Week of Custom Jewelry
8 Custom Moissanite Pendants

Unboxing Custom Pendant

Video by Toot
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Custom Pendant Review

Video by Devintage
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Unboxing "KHOOD" Pendant

Video by K' Hood

1 Week of Custom Jewelry (Part 2)

1 Week of Custom Jewelry

8 Custom Moissanite Pendants

Brazy Custom Moissanite Pendant

Design Your Own Moissanite Custom Pendant

Whether you've got a custom chain made with Ice Cartel too or you're just looking for a unique pendant that has been iced out to your exact specifications, we're here to give you exactly what you desire. For many people, designing their own custom moissanite pendant is a dream come true – our expert team of jewelers are here to turn your vision into a wearable pendant!

The Quality Approach

We don't rush the process and we believe that every product leaving the Ice Cartel jewelry store ought to be as stunning as possible. Quality is what we have strived to deliver time and time again: it's a central element of our ethos and we truly believe that everything we create has to last a lifetime. Pair your custom pendant with a moissanite chain today!

The Finest VVS Diamonds

Rest assured that your custom moissanite pendant uses the same VVS diamonds that our full range utilizes. What's more, the jewelers we work with have extensive experience working with natural diamonds and know exactly what's required to give moissanite the best look and style possible. When you're talking about truly iced out pendants, you're talking about Ice Cartel.

14K Gold Moissanite Custom Name Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver

Want to get a custom hip hop name pendant? You're not alone, and Ice Cartel has extensive experience with regard to creating these types of pieces. From full names through to custom letter iced out pendants, leave it on our hands and we'll bring you the moissanite perfection that you seek. Nothing makes an impression quite like the jewelry we craft at Ice Cartel! Get started by filling in the custom jewelry quote!

Moissanite Custom Name Pendant

Tell us your name, pick a style and we'll do the rest! These custom name pendants iced out to perfection will let everyone know who you are and what you're about. We know the deal when it comes to hip hop jewelry and have decades of experience creating iced out pieces that our clients love. The reviews speak for themselves: Ice Cartel is as real as it gets.

Order Custom Pendants Now

Shop for custom pendants today! You might have seen others wearing them and now, it's your time to shine (quite literally). Remember that Ice Cartel uses VVS, colorless moissanite diamonds in a variety of settings to create the ultimate iced out custom name pendants. The process is simple, quick and in a few weeks, you'll have your very own custom name pendant!

Nana Custom Moissanite Pendant
Custom Jesus Moissanite Pendant

Custom Hip Hop Pendants

Hip hop culture has made name pendants one of the leading forms of jewelry – everyone will know who you are the instant they see your chain! These custom hip hop pendant designs we offer are attractive, classy and unique: the competition isn't able to hold a candle to what we craft. Our team of jewelers know exactly what you need for the ultimate hip hop pendant order.

Order Now At Ice Cartel

The sooner you order, the quicker you'll get your custom hip hop pendant. The average turnaround time for our custom pendants is around 2 to 3 weeks – we won't lower our quality standards under any circumstances to rush your item. It's important to understand that Ice Cartel takes its brand seriously and our customers come first. Order today and secure a custom pendant!

Special Requests Encouraged

Want to really take your custom moissanite pendant to the next level? Don't be afraid to make special requests and order specifications. We're more than capable of using different base materials, working with interesting size variations, we can create custom rings, chains (cuban & tennis chains) and so on. We relish the challenge and want every order to be stunning, unique and stylish. At Ice Cartel, we do custom hip hop pendants differently.

Custom Moissanite Pendant FAQs

How long does a custom pendant order take?

We typically try to get our pendants crafted and delivered within 4 weeks, but generally speaking, 3 weeks is about average. Note that custom pendants and their crafting times are entirely down to the complexity of the project and time of year. There's seasonal demand for these stunning pieces and the quicker you get your order in, the better. Naturally, custom moissanite pendants that have lots of unique features and style requests will take a bit longer. The expert jewelers at Ice Cartel won't rush to finish anything: if it's not flawless, it's not going to leave our store. The trustworthiness of our brand is what we care about more than anything else.

Will you design the pendant for me?

You're not required to provide us with any sketches – our team can go through the process of coming up with ideas and sending off a few samples for you to consider if you're not too sure how you want your name, or letters, to appear. That said, if you have any reference material, such as images of other pendants you've seen that you really like – those are incredibly helpful. You're not required to give us as much information as possible, but the more you do provide, the better. At the end of the day, we want you to get the custom moissanite pendant of your dreams, so try to be specific and we'll do the rest!

Are you using VVS diamonds for your custom pendants?

Absolutely. All of the jewelry you see for sale here at Ice Cartel utilizes colorless VVS moissanite diamonds (multiple settings are offered). Not only that, but our team has plenty of experience with these – as well as natural diamonds – that make them the perfect group around to tackle your specific custom pendant requirements. We also have a premium supplier of our moissanite diamonds that we trust to provide us with exactly what we need. This relationship has helped forge the greatest range of iced out jewelry you can find online. When you shop at Ice Cartel, you're picking a team that's devoted to the craft and understands custom hip hop name pendants like no other.

What materials are custom moissanite pendants made from?

At the base level, Ice Cartel has experimented with a lot of different material compositions and has settled with 925 sterling silver PVD plated with 14K gold (yellow and white both available). We believe that alongside our VVS diamonds – which do come with grading certificates – this is the best possible combination for that perfect iced out aesthetic and the longevity of the piece you're purchasing. High karat gold is softer and more prone to wear and tear: that's why through lots of trial and error, we've picked these materials to create custom moissanite pendants.

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