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In this article we're going to look into:

How Much Is a Diamond Chain? Diamond Chain Price Guide

on Jun 01, 2024

Available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, diamond chains are among the most extravagant and timeless necklaces that can elevate any look. With different carat weights and metal options, you can find diamond chains in several price categories. But how much is a diamond chain worth? What are the factors that influence its price?

Well, it’s essential to consider a few important aspects to estimate the value of a diamond chain. Whether you’re a diamond enthusiast or you’ve just decided to get your first diamond necklace, we’ll walk you through the whole process of assessing its price.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explain why diamond chains are so expensive and dive into the factors that influence their value. We’ll also showcase some elegant and absolutely stunning diamond chains from IceCartel’s exclusive collection. 

Why Are Diamond Chains Expensive?

Why are diamond chains expensive

Diamond chains are one of the most luxurious necklaces. But why exactly are they so expensive?

“Diamonds are rare, of course, they are expensive.” You’ve probably heard those claims about the diamond rarity. Let’s debunk those myths. In fact, diamonds are not quite rare, so it’s not what makes them expensive. It’s all about demand and controlled diamond prices, not their rarity.

Here’s what actually makes diamond chains expensive:

  • Major companies in the diamond industry have been setting and controlling the prices of mined diamonds, all thanks to consistent demand.

  • Due to the marketing and branding efforts of diamond chain companies.

  • Jewelry-grade diamonds are less common, making chains more expensive.

  • Diamonds can be hard to locate.

  • The process of mining requires time, effort, and resources.

  • Refining diamonds requires highly skilled professional workers and high-tech machines.

Determining the Value of a Diamond Chain

There are no fixed prices when it comes to jewelry. The diamond chain price depends on multiple factors, including its size, shape, carat weight, chain design, jeweler’s reputation, and more.

Still wondering how much a diamond chain costs? Here’s everything you need to know to make an accurate estimation of the diamond chain price. 

Market Price of Diamond

The market value of diamond is an essential factor that determines the price of a chain. As there are many different types of diamonds, we don’t have live charts as we do for the market price of gold.

There are two ways to determine the market price of a diamond. You can either go to a local jeweler and have your diamond chain appraised by a professional, or you can estimate its market price based on the weight, grade, and cut type of the diamonds. 

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond weight is measured in carats, so the carat weight can greatly influence the value and price of a diamond chain.

Generally speaking, the higher the carat weight, the greater the price. However, higher carat weight doesn’t necessarily make diamond chains more valuable.

In fact, some diamond chains with lower-carat diamonds may be more expensive due to the quality of those diamonds. For example, a 5-carat diamond chain with a low diamond grade may be cheaper than a flawless 1-carat diamond, regardless of the size and weight. 

Diamond Type and Grade

Diamonds come in various types and qualities, so it’s hardly possible to determine how much a diamond chain costs without considering these factors.

Diamonds can be natural or lab-grown. Technically and chemically speaking, both types of diamonds are pure carbon and there are barely any differences. However, natural diamonds are more expensive than lab-grown diamonds due to the effort and resources required to mine and refine those precious gemstones.

Jewelry-grade diamonds are also categorized based on the diamond cut type. Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds tend to be more affordable options, whereas the round brilliant cut is the most expensive one.

And we shouldn’t forget about the quality of these diamonds. Diamond clarity grades have a significant impact on the price of a diamond necklace. 

Total Weight of the Chain

Weight of a diamond chain

The total weight of the chain can also affect its price. While the carat weight, grade, and shape of the individual diamonds are more important, the amount of gold or silver used for making the chain should also be considered.

In general, heavier chains cost more, especially when higher-karat gold is used for crafting the diamond chain. For silver chains, the evaluation of diamonds will give you a more accurate estimation. 

Chain Design

Some diamond chains feature a sleek design with no unique details. Others, on the other hand, are characterized by complex designs with intricate attributes.

Considering the time and effort it takes to make jewelry, chains with complex designs cost more than those with a minimalistic look. 

Brand/Jeweler's Reputation

The price of a diamond chain heavily relies on the brand or jeweler’s reputation.

When buying a chain from a reputable and experienced jeweler, you should expect to pay more. Contrarily, beginner jewelers charge less as they have a lower level of experience and expertise in jewelry-making.

Besides, diamond chains from luxury brands are more expensive due to the exclusivity, brand value, and marketing efforts. 

Resale Value

The resale value of a diamond chain is yet another important factor to keep in mind. Diamond chains with a higher resale value usually cost more.

The best way to determine the resale value of a diamond chain is to get a resale appraisal by a professional jeweler. This will help you estimate what a potential buyer will pay for your diamond chain. 

Chain Condition

Evaluating the chain condition is a crucial aspect when buying or selling a used diamond chain.

If your diamond chain is in pristine condition, you should expect to get around 95% of the original price.

The price of a diamond chain that shows some signs of wear and tear is typically lower.

However, diamond necklaces can be repurposed into other jewelry pieces, so you can always sell them based on the amount and quality of the materials used for making the chain. 

Price of Other Materials

Diamond chains incorporate other materials, such as gold, sterling silver, and others. As diamonds are so precious, the metal choice is pretty much always between gold and silver.

That being said, the price of a diamond chain also depends on the amount and quality of these materials.

Higher-quality materials, such as 14K or 18K gold, cost more, which in turn increases the price of the diamond chain. 

Addition of Gemstones

Some diamond chains include other gemstones, creating a unique and eye-catching design. In some cases, the addition of gemstones increases the price of a diamond necklace.

However, as diamonds are more precious than the gemstones used in jewelry-making, this may not apply to all diamond chains that feature other stones. 

Buy Diamond Chains from Icecartel

Looking for a sparkly diamond chain that will add a luxurious touch to your daily or formal attire?IceCartel offers exclusive diamond chains in all sizes, shapes, and chain types.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic diamond chain that reflects elegance or you’re more into statement pieces that won’t stay unnoticed, Icecartel is the most reliable destination for buying diamond gold chains.

Can’t find a chain that resonates with your personal style? IceCartel provides custom chain-making services , allowing you to design a chain with real diamonds, tailored to your liking. 


Diamond chains are available in different price categories. While some are more affordable, others are quite expensive. So, how much is a diamond chain worth?

Determining how much a diamond chain costs is all about considering several factors and evaluating its estimated value accordingly. While getting a diamond chain appraisal from a reputable jeweler is an option, you can also find a quite accurate estimate independently.

All you need to do is assess the market price of diamond, consider the diamond type and carat weight, and observe the overall chain design and the quality of the other materials. Don’t forget that the brand reputation and resale value will also influence the price of a diamond chain.

Have you decided to add a precious diamond chain to your jewelry collection? Check out Icecartel’s exclusive diamond chains with dazzling brilliance, exquisite craftsmanship, and opulent allure. 

Joosep Seitam

Joosep was born in Tallinn, Estonia - a small country in northern Europe. He is an entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of Icecartel. Joosep has been in the jewelry industry since 2019, the year when he started the brand from scratch. During these years, Joosep has learned everything there is about the jewelry industry and he's here to share it all!

    In this article we're going to look into:
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