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In this article we're going to look into:

Post Malone Flexes His Lavish Jewelry Collection - Icecartel

on Oct 02, 2023

Austin Richard Post, known worldwide as Post Malone, was born on July 4, in Syracuse, New York, where he was raised by his father Richard Post, and stepmother Jodie. His father, a DJ, introduced him to a diverse range of music genres like rock, country, and hip-hop at a young age.

Post Malone's journey into music began with a guitar, a gift from his father, which led him to audition for the band Crown The Empire in 2010 at age 15. Despite a setback when his guitar strings broke during the audition, he remained undeterred. His dedication shifted to mastering Guitar Hero, which unknowingly honed his musical prowess.

His venture into the music scene began in earnest in 2015 with his debut single "White Iverson," which soared to number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This success propelled him to sign a recording contract with Republic Records, releasing his debut album "Stoney" in 2016. Post Malone's unique blend of musical genres, combined with his knack for creating hit songs, has made him a household name in the global music arena.

The rapper's journey has been nothing short of spectacular, with each release becoming a cultural phenomenon. Hits like "Congratulations," "Sunflower," and "Rockstar" have garnered billions of streams, solidifying his status as a modern-day rockstar. His music, which transcends genres and resonates with a wide audience, is a testament to his exceptional talent and hard work.

With his rising fame, Post Malone has gathered a fortune, estimated at around $45 million as of 2023. Like many stars, he's fond of luxury, enjoying fancy cars, big homes, and a lavish lifestyle reflecting his successful music journey.

A notable sign of his success is his jewelry collection. Each piece tells a story, showcasing his unique style and his musical journey.

Join us as we step into the dazzling world of Post Malone's jewelry collection, exploring the shiny treasures that accompany the life of this modern-day music icon.

Post Malone Chains

Cowboys Chain

Post Malone Cowboys Chain

In 2019, Post Malone's passion for the Dallas Cowboys manifested in a way that caught everyone's attention. Not one to settle for mere jerseys or hats, he showcased his dedication with not one, but two opulent Cowboys chains. The first, a star-shaped pendant, is a testament to luxury, valued at a staggering $250,000.

Crafted by the skilled hands of Isaac from Angel City Jewelers, this piece is adorned with 3,000 stones, 9.7 carats of baguettes, 13.5 carats of sapphires, and 8.7 carats of diamonds. A "77" inscribed on its back pays homage to Post's favorite number.

Check out this video of Post Malone Cowboys chain being diamond tested 😂:

But the love didn't stop there. Post added another gem to his collection, a round pendant celebrating America's Team and its NFL birth year, 1960. This 14-karat gold piece, weighing 207 grams, sparkles with 29 carats of diamonds. It proudly displays an American flag, reinforcing the Cowboys' iconic nickname. Valued at over $50,000, the pendant's back carries a personal touch with "A Star is Born July 4th" – marking Post's birthday – and the proud declaration of "#1 Fan.”

Candy Necklace

Among the many pieces that adorn Post Malone's jewelry collection, the Chanel Candy Necklace holds a special place. Not just for its unique design, but also for the story behind it. Inspired by The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford, Post Malone couldn't resist adding this piece to his collection after spotting Rutherford rocking it. It wasn't just a mere addition; it was a piece he genuinely fell for.

While the exact cost and craftsman behind this necklace remain a mystery, its significance in Post's collection is undeniable.

Check out why Post Malone loves the Candy Necklace!

Post Malone Candy Necklace

Hello Kitty Pendant

In 2016, Post Malone unveiled a jewelry piece that left many intrigued: twin Hello Kitty pendants, each shimmering with diamonds. For many, a single pendant would suffice, but Post, ever the trendsetter, opted for two, showcasing his penchant for the extraordinary.

Hello Kitty Pendants

He's candidly shared that his jewelry choices stem from a desire to spark conversations, humorously noting that he "needs to give people a reason to talk to him." And these pendants, capturing the intricate details of the iconic cartoon character, certainly become the talk of the town. Rock the same kind of custom iced out pendants like Post Malone does but at a much more affordable price at Icecartel!

Check out Post Malone discussing his Hello Kitty pendant in this video:

Post Malone Watch Collection

Richard Mille Skull Watch

Delving into Post Malone's watch collection, one can't help but be captivated by the Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull “Asia Edition.” A masterpiece from the renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Mille, this timepiece, released in 2012, came with a hefty price tag of $1,000,000. But for a connoisseur like Post, it's more than just a watch; it's art on the wrist.

Post Malone Skull Watch

The watch's allure isn't just in its price. The meticulously crafted skull, set against a backdrop of grade 5 titanium, is a sight to behold. With a skeletonized baseplate, manual-winding tourbillon movement, and a 48-hour power reserve, it's the epitome of luxury. The pirate ship flag-inspired crossbones connecting the movement to the case add a unique touch, making it a standout in any collection.

For Post Malone, this isn't just another accessory. It's his most prized possession, as he himself stated, “this is my most expensive watch. One million dollars. I feel weird saying that. It’s cool because now I have shit to talk about in my songs, so that’s part of it too.”

Richard Millie Collection

After the iconic RM 052 Tourbillon Skull, he flaunts the original RM-12 Tourbillon, a 2006 masterpiece limited to just 30 pieces. This watch is a marvel of innovation, boasting the first non-metal base plate and a tourbillon seamlessly integrated into a set of intricate tubes. Posty's admiration for the piece is clear: “They told me it was the lightest tourbillon in existence, which makes me feel like a spaceman.”

Post Malone Richard Mille

But the collection doesn't end there. Another standout is the RM-55 ‘Bubba Watson’, inspired by the 2011 RM-38 ‘Bubba’. Crafted predominantly from titanium and featuring a distinctive white ceramic case, this watch is a subtle nod to luxury. Interestingly, this particular piece isn't just a favorite of Post Malone; even Drake has shown a fondness for it.

Post Malone is not the only one with a crazy expensive jewelry collection, Check out Drake’s jewelry collection here!

As Posty puts it, “I like the subtlety of it. If you look at it and you’re not a watch guy, you won’t know what it is.” Priced at approximately $200k, it's a testament to Post's refined taste.


Post Malone Watch


Patek Phillipe Collection

In the realm of luxury watches, Patek Phillipe stands as a titan, and Post Malone's collection is a testament to this brand's allure.

The Patek Phillipe Nautilus reference 5719/10G is nothing short of a marvel. Crafted in white gold and bedecked with over 1,300 diamonds, this watch is a statement piece. The meticulous detailing, from its 100 diamond-studded case to its fully set diamond dial, makes it a favorite of Posty for those moments when he wants to "step out and make some trouble." With an investment of about $400k, it's clear that this watch is more than just a timepiece; it's a work of art.

Post Malone Watches

On the subtler side, we have the Patek Phillipe Aquanaut ‘Khaki Green’. A piece that's believed to have taken inspiration from John Mayer's refined taste. Updated in 2019, this Aquanaut variant showcases Patek's dedication to modern luxury. For Post Malone, this watch isn't just a fashion statement; it holds sentimental value. He cherishes it, saying, “It’s really really special to me.” With its price set at $39,690, it's a reminder that luxury comes in various forms.


Post Malone Aquanaut Watch


Other Honourable Watch Mentions

Post Malone's watch collection is vast, and while we've highlighted some of his favorites, there are more worth mentioning:

  1. Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph: A limited-edition piece with sapphire sides and white gold detailing. As Posty puts it, “The sides are all sapphire; it’s refined.” Price: $179,000.
  2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak reference 15400: Gifted by 21 Savage, this watch features a grey ruthenium-tone dial. Posty shares, “I got him a nice icy Rolex for his birthday.” Price: $17,800.
  3. Rolex Daytona reference 116595RBOW ‘Rainbow Daytona’: An Everose gold piece with rainbow-colored gems. Posty's take? “It’s classy but grabs you.” Price: $96,900.

Post Malone Bracelets

When it comes to Post Malone's bracelet collection, don't expect the usual glitz and glamour (which we assume he also has…). Instead, you'll find a heartwarming display of over 20 friendship bracelets he wore in July 2023.

Sharing a light-hearted update on Instagram, Posty revealed his plan to retire these bracelets to the esteemed "Hall of Bracelets," citing concerns about blood circulation. He playfully added about the World Bracelet Conglomerate's search for new additions, saying, "We hope you understand, and I love y’all so much 🥹🍻💕let’s fucking rock!!!!!"

Post Malone Earrings

Post Malone's jewelry collection wouldn't be complete without mentioning his eclectic taste in earrings. From sword designs to bullet motifs by Balenciaga, and even lock-shaped earrings, Posty's ear adornments are anything but ordinary.


Post Malone Earrings


A standout piece from his collection is the Guardian Angel Earrings designed by JIWON CHOI. These earrings made a notable appearance in his summer 2022 music video for 'I Like You (ft. Doja Cat)', curated by stylist Catherine Hahn. It's clear that when it comes to earrings, Post Malone opts for pieces that resonate with his distinctive style and musical persona.

Post Malone Jiwon Choi Earrings

Post Malone Rings

As we round off our exploration of Post Malone's jewelry collection, we can't overlook his rings, especially his $500,000 ring. Designed for his pinky, this ring is nothing short of a spectacle with its 23 carats of shimmering diamonds.

(Post Malone with his $500,000 Ring: LINK)

Seeking to elevate his hand's bling game, Post reached out to Angel City Jewelers. Isaac Bokhoor, the genius behind many of Post's pieces, delivered once again in Las Vegas. The ring features a 5-carat Emerald cut diamond, complemented by 5 carats of round diamonds and an additional 13 1-carat stones encircling the band. This luxurious piece came with a hefty price of around half a million dollars.

It's worth noting that this isn't Post's first collaboration with Angel City Jewelers. They previously crafted his unforgettable $250k Dallas Cowboys chain which we covered before.

Check out this video of Post with his $500,000 ring!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Post Malone’s jewelry worth?

While it's challenging to pin down an exact figure, our best estimate, based on the pieces we've explored and market values, suggests that Post Malone's jewelry collection hovers around the 10-15 million dollar mark.

Has Post Malone bought any new jewelry recently?

Not in the most recent months. The last significant piece we noted was the diamond-studded pinky ring back in November 2022. Given that it set him back a cool 500k, it's understandable he might be taking a little breather from big jewelry purchases. After all, even rockstars have budgets... right?

Who are Post Malone’s go-to jewelers?

Angel City Jewelers undoubtedly takes the crown here. They've masterfully crafted several of Post's iconic pieces, including his Dallas Cowboys chain, the pinky ring, and the jaw-dropping 23-carat diamond ring, to name a few. Their craftsmanship and Post's style seem to be a match made in jewelry heaven.

    In this article we're going to look into:
    Author: Israel Cubill
    Author: Israel Cubill
    Israel Cubillo Was Born in New York City he grew up moving around the US. He is currently working on his bachelor’s of finance and is working on jewelry related content via his YouTube channel. He consistently makes video content on different kinds of jewelry showcasing different styles and brands to his subscribers as well creating informing content to teach his viewers about the complexities of jewelry, additionally giving high quality reviews of items consumers may be looking to purchase. He joined Icecartel team in early 2023 as a jewelry content writer.
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    Author: Israel Cubill
    Author: Israel Cubill
    Israel Cubillo Was Born in New York City he grew up moving around the US. He is currently working on his bachelor’s of finance and is working on jewelry related content via his YouTube channel. He consistently makes video content on different kinds of jewelry showcasing different styles and brands to his subscribers as well creating informing content to teach his viewers about the complexities of jewelry, additionally giving high quality reviews of items consumers may be looking to purchase. He joined Icecartel team in early 2023 as a jewelry content writer.

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