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Franco Chain vs Cuban Chain - Which One Should You Buy?

on Aug 17, 2023

When it comes to selecting the perfect chain, the sheer variety can be overwhelming. Among the top contenders in the world of chains are the Franco and the Cuban link, each boasting distinct characteristics and styles. While the Franco chain is known for its intricate design and modern appeal, the Cuban link has gained immense popularity for its bold and classic look. This guide aims to dissect the attributes of both, helping you make an informed choice for your next jewelry purchase.

What is a Franco Chain?

Franco Chain

The Franco chain, often referred to as the Italian link chain, is a sophisticated style that integrates V-shaped links to produce a robust and fluid chain. Its design is derived from the curb pattern but offers a more interwoven and rounded style. Here's a closer look at the merits and potential downsides of the Franco chain.


  • Durable: Its tightly interlocked links make the Franco chain incredibly durable, making it less prone to breakage.

  • No Tangling: Due to its intricate design, the Franco chain doesn’t easily tangle, which is particularly beneficial for those who wear their chains daily.

  • Versatility: Whether worn solo or with a pendant, its design complements both casual and formal outfits.

  • Timeless: The Franco chain exudes an evergreen charm, ensuring that it never goes out of style.

  • Repair: In the unlikely event of damage, the Franco chain is relatively straightforward to mend, given its uniform design.

  • Modern: Its seamless links and contemporary design make the Franco chain a popular choice among the younger generation.

  • Goes Well With Pendants: Its strength and structure make it an ideal choice for showcasing pendants without overshadowing them.


  • Expensive: Owing to its intricate design and the craftsmanship involved, Franco chains tend to be pricier than some other chain types.

  • Can't Add Diamonds: The tightly linked design of the Franco chain doesn’t provide ample space for embedding diamonds or other gemstones.

  • Less Shine: When compared to some other chains, the Franco may offer a subtler shine due to its tight interlocking pattern.

  • Maintenance: Given its intricate design, it might require periodic professional cleaning to ensure it retains its luster.

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

What is cuban link chain explanation

The Cuban Link Chain, often known as the Miami Cuban link, is a staple in the world of jewelry. Its origins can be traced back to the hip-hop culture of Miami in the 1970s and 1980s. It's characterized by its oval links with a flattened face, interlocked in a specific pattern. Over time, the Cuban Link Chain has gained significant popularity and can be seen adorning the necks of many celebrities. Let’s delve into the advantages and potential downsides of owning this iconic piece.


  • Goes well with pendants: The structure of the Cuban link chain makes it an ideal platform for pendants, complementing rather than competing with them.

  • Timeless: Despite its roots in hip-hop culture, the Cuban link has a timeless appeal, making it a fashionable choice for decades.

  • Durable: Made with thick links, these chains are built to last, able to withstand wear and tear.

  • Shine: The flat, broad surface of the Cuban link chain reflects light brilliantly, ensuring a gleaming appearance.

  • Easy to repair: In the off chance it does break, the Cuban link's simple design means repairs are generally straightforward.

  • Versatile: Suitable for both men and women, it can be paired with various outfits, from casual tees to formal suits.

  • Goes with almost everything: Its classic design ensures that it complements almost any outfit or style.


  • Price: Due to its popularity and the amount of metal used, Cuban link chains can be on the pricier side.

  • Pulls Chest hair: The larger gaps between the links might occasionally snag and pull chest hair, which can be uncomfortable.

  • Prone to Tangling: Particularly the thinner versions can sometimes get tangled with other jewelry or clothing.

  • Heavy: Given the amount of metal used, these chains can be quite weighty, which might not be comfortable for everyone.

  • Mainstream: Its widespread popularity means you'll see many others wearing similar chains, potentially reducing its uniqueness for some.

Differences Between The Franco Chain vs. Cuban Link Chain

Cuban Link Chain vs Franco Chain

Jewelry enthusiasts and trendsetters often find themselves torn between the Franco Chain and the Cuban Link Chain. Though both chains are highly regarded in the jewelry world, they offer distinct characteristics that cater to different tastes and preferences. Let's compare these two chains on various parameters:

  • Links: Franco chains have a more intricate design, made of four-sided links that are closely packed, whereas Cuban chains have flattened oval links with a uniform appearance.

  • Customization: Cuban chains often come in various sizes and lengths, allowing for more customization. While Franco chains can also be customized, their design might limit certain variations.

  • Thickness: Both chains can be thick or thin depending on the design; however, Cuban chains typically come in more substantial, more noticeable sizes.

  • Complexity: Franco chains have a more complex structure due to their interwoven design. In contrast, Cuban chains have a more straightforward, easily recognizable pattern.

  • Weight: As you rightly noted, Cuban chains are generally heavier, especially when chosen in thicker sizes. The bulkiness is due to their broader links and the sheer amount of metal used.

  • Price: Cuban chains tend to be pricier due to their popularity and the amount of material used. Franco chains, though intricate, might be priced lower unless you're opting for higher-end versions.

  • Popularity: Cuban chains, with their roots in the hip-hop scene and their constant presence in pop culture, are more popular and mainstream.

  • Finish: Cuban chains boast a smoother, sleeker finish, giving them a shiny appearance. Franco chains, with their complex design, might not reflect light in the same way.

  • Repair: Cuban chains, with their straightforward design, are easier to fix if ever broken. Repairing a Franco chain might require a more experienced jeweler due to its intricate links.

  • Tangling: One of the significant advantages of Franco chains is that they don't tangle easily because of their tight-knit design. In contrast, thinner Cuban link chains might occasionally get tangled with other jewelry or fabrics.

Choosing between the Franco and Cuban link chain ultimately boils down to personal preference. Whether you're after the intricate design of the Franco or the bold statement of the Cuban, both chains are sure to enhance your jewelry collection.

Which One is Better?

In the ever-evolving world of jewelry, both the Franco and Cuban link chains have etched their place, and choosing a superior chain is subjective. The Franco chain stands out for its intricate design and tightly interwoven links, ensuring no tangling, which is perfect for those seeking a blend of sophistication and durability. Its modern aesthetic and compatibility with pendants make it a versatile piece for both casual and formal occasions.

On the other hand, the Cuban link chain is a classic that never goes out of style. Its bold, flattened oval links give it a distinct look, cherished in the hip-hop culture and beyond. The Cuban chain, especially in thicker sizes, is an instant attention-grabber, making a bold statement. It's perfect for those who desire a mix of tradition and trendiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the price starting point for Franco chains?

Franco chains, particularly those made of 925 silver, start at a budget-friendly price point of around $50. However, if you're looking for Franco chains made of gold, the price can surge into the hundreds or even more, depending on the purity and design.

What's the price starting point for Cuban chains?

For those looking to invest in a Cuban chain, prices start from just tens of dollars for the thinner variants. However, if you're eyeing a thicker chain adorned with diamonds, be prepared to spend anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, making it a luxurious accessory.

Which chain is safer pick for a gift?

When gifting, the Cuban Chain is generally a safer pick. Its iconic design, rich history, and mainstream popularity make it a universally appreciated gift that fits various styles and preferences.

Can you wear pendants with a Franco chain?

Absolutely! Franco chains are versatile and are designed to accommodate pendants seamlessly. Their tightly interwoven links provide a sturdy base, ensuring your pendant stays secure and in place.

To Wrap This Up

In the face-off between the Franco chain and the Cuban link chain, the winner truly depends on personal preference. Both chains bring a unique set of qualities to the table, resonating with different types of jewelry aficionados. Whether you gravitate towards the intricate elegance of the Franco or the timeless appeal of the Cuban, it's essential to choose a chain that mirrors your style and personality. Whichever you opt for, you're sure to make a statement.

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