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Box Chain vs Cuban Link Chain - Which One Should You Buy?

on Aug 17, 2023

When it comes to accessorizing, choosing the right chain can make or break your look. Two of the most popular choices in the jewelry market are the Box Chain and the Cuban Link Chain. Both have their distinct aesthetic appeal, durability, and history, but which one aligns more with your style and practical needs? Dive into this comprehensive guide to find out the nuances of each and make an informed decision.

What is a Box Chain?

What is a Box Chain

The Box Chain, as the name suggests, comprises square links, which resemble boxes, connected to form a continuous and smooth chain. Their geometric design creates a symmetrical appearance, making them highly desired for both necklaces and bracelets.


Durable - Made with sturdy square links, the box chain is known for its durability and strength, which makes it less likely to break even with regular wear.

Shiny - The flat surfaces of the square links catch and reflect light beautifully, providing a brilliant shine that enhances its overall look.

Versatile - Due to its sleek design, the box chain can complement both casual and formal outfits.

Timeless - Its classic design ensures that it remains in vogue across different fashion eras.

No Tangling - The structure of the chain minimizes chances of tangling, ensuring it remains hassle-free.

Easy to Clean - The simplicity of the chain's design makes it less likely to trap dirt, making the cleaning process straightforward.

Light - Without intricate patterns, the chain is relatively light, adding to its comfort factor.

Easy to Repair - If a link breaks, it's usually a straightforward process to replace or repair it.

Goes with almost everything - Its neutral design ensures it pairs well with a variety of pendant designs or even shines on its own.

Affordable - Compared to some intricate designs, the box chain often comes at a more pocket-friendly price.


Pulls Chest Hair - The boxy links can sometimes catch and pull on chest hair, which might be uncomfortable for some wearers.

Limited Movement - Due to its structured design, it may not drape or move as fluidly as some other chain types.

Hard to Clean - Although it's generally easy to clean, if dirt gets lodged in the corners of the boxes, it might be a tad tricky to get it out.

Doesn't go well with Pendants - Some believe the structured design of the box chain doesn't complement every pendant type, especially those with intricate designs.

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban Link Chain, often associated with the hip-hop world, is characterized by its interconnected round or oval links with a flattened profile. Originating from the vibrant Miami Cuban culture, this chain has become an iconic symbol of luxury and style, often worn by celebrities and rappers. Its bold, distinctive design makes it a statement piece in any jewelry collection.


Goes well with pendants - With its strong and bold design, the Cuban link chain supports various pendants and lockets, making it versatile in styling.

Timeless - Like the box chain, the Cuban link has a classic design that stands the test of time, ensuring wearers stay in style no matter the era.

Durable - Made with thick links, the Cuban chain is robust and built to withstand regular wear without breaking easily.

Shine - Its flattened links reflect light effectively, giving the chain a lustrous shine that’s hard to miss.

Easy to repair - In the unlikely event of damage, replacing or fixing a broken link is relatively straightforward.

Versatile - While often associated with a more urban or hip-hop style, the Cuban link chain can be styled with various outfits, from streetwear to formal attire.

Goes with almost everything - Its bold design ensures it pairs well with many outfits and can be a standalone piece or paired with other jewelry.


Price - Due to its thickness and the amount of metal used, Cuban link chains tend to be more expensive compared to other chains.

Pulls Chest hair - Like the box chain, its design can sometimes snag and pull chest hair, causing discomfort.

Prone to Tangling - The design, especially if it's a longer chain, can get tangled if not stored properly. But do not worry, read our article on how to untangle a cuban link chain

Heavy - The thickness and the amount of metal mean that Cuban link chains can be on the heavier side, which might not be comfortable for everyone.

Mainstream - Given its popularity, especially in the hip-hop community, some might feel it's too mainstream or common.

Differences Between The Box Chain vs. Cuban Link Chain

Box Chain vs Cuban Link Chain

Links - While the Box Chain is characterized by its square links that create a continuous, smooth chain, the Cuban Link Chain is identified by its overlapping oval or round links with a flattened profile.

Durability - Both chains are durable, but the Cuban Link, due to its design and thicker links, might have a slight edge in terms of robustness.

Cleaning - Box chains, due to their smooth and uncomplicated design, are generally easier to clean than Cuban Link Chains, which may have more spaces where dirt can accumulate.

Clasps - Box chains typically come equipped with a spring clasp, offering secure fastening. On the other hand, Cuban Link Chains often use a variety of clasps, with the lobster clasp being a common choice. Learn more about all clasp types for chains here!

Weight - The Cuban Link Chain, with its thick and heavy links, is generally heavier than the sleeker and more delicate Box Chain.

The Looks - The Box Chain offers a minimalist and modern aesthetic, suitable for both casual and formal wear. The Cuban Link Chain has a bolder look, often associated with luxury and the hip-hop community.

Thickness - Cuban Link Chains tend to be thicker due to their design and are made to be more prominent, while Box Chains are more streamlined and subtle.

Shine - Box chains are usually shinier due to their smooth, continuous links. In contrast, while the Cuban Link Chain does have a shine, its flattened links might not reflect light as uniformly as the Box Chain.

Price - Cuban Link Chains, due to the amount of metal used and their popularity, generally come at a higher price point compared to Box Chains.

Popularity - While both chains have their fan base, the Cuban Link Chain has gained more mainstream popularity in recent years, especially within the music and fashion industry. Box Chains, though less in the limelight, have remained a staple in jewelry collections for their timeless appeal.

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Which one is better?

The answer to this largely depends on personal preferences and intended use. The Box Chain offers a minimalist and refined aesthetic that seamlessly transitions between casual and formal wear. Its sleek design, combined with characteristics like being lightweight and tangle-free, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking understated elegance. Its versatility also allows it to pair well with a variety of pendants and other jewelry, ensuring its adaptability to various fashion statements.

On the other hand, the Cuban Link Chain exudes boldness and luxury. With its thick, interlocking links, it stands out as a statement piece on its own, often not requiring any pendant to enhance its look. Over the years, it has gained iconic status in urban and pop culture, making it a go-to choice for those wanting to make a statement. Its durability and prominence also make it a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate its design and cultural significance. In the end, the decision between the two boils down to individual style and the statement one wishes to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chain gives a more luxurious feel?

The Cuban Link Chain generally provides a more luxurious feel due to its thicker links, bold design, and prominence in popular culture. Its weight and noticeable presence on the neck often associate it with luxury, especially when made of high-quality metals or adorned with gems.

Are Box Chains Comfortable?

Yes, Box Chains are known for their comfort. They are lightweight and have a smooth surface, which means they don't snag on clothes or irritate the skin. Their design ensures that they lay flat on the skin, distributing weight evenly, making them comfortable for extended wear.

Are Box Chains Unisex?

Absolutely! Box Chains are unisex. Their simple, timeless design appeals to all genders. The chain's adaptability means it can be worn with a variety of pendants or alone, making it versatile for both men and women's styles.

Which chain will last longer?

Both chains are durable and can last a long time with proper care. However, given their construction, Box Chains might have a slight edge in terms of longevity since they are less prone to tangling, which can cause wear and tear. The durability also depends on the material used and how often it's worn. Regular maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of any jewelry piece.


Choosing between a Box Chain and a Cuban Link Chain ultimately boils down to personal taste, intended use, and the statement one wishes to make. While the Box Chain offers a sleek and versatile look suitable for any occasion, the Cuban Link Chain stands out as a bold statement piece, often associated with luxury and prominence. Both chains have their unique set of advantages and have carved a niche in the world of jewelry. Whether you gravitate towards the understated elegance of the Box Chain or the undeniable allure of the Cuban Link Chain, investing in a high-quality piece ensures longevity and timeless style.

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