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What is a Diamond Cut Chain? An In-Depth Look

on Apr 04, 2023

Did you know chains can be fashioned to showcase extra detail and dimension, offering reflective quality and unique artistry behind the design? This article will explore diamond cut chains and why choosing a diamond cut chain is a fantastic selection for those who want an eye-catching spin on a classic jewelry design or much-love chain link. Check out our exclusive Chain Collection for more ideas. 

What is a Diamond Cut Chain?

What is a diamond cut chain? What makes diamond cut chains so special? Diamond cut appears on different chain links, making it a versatile, high-quality, and luxurious way to add a little extra glitter. 

Diamond cut is a design with distinctive grooves sparkling when the light reflects off the surface of the metal. 

How are Diamond Cut Chains Different From Other Chains? 

Diamond cut vs. other chains

Diamond cut chains are different from other chain links because they have a textured finish--this textured finish makes the chain stand out, adding to the overall sparkle and rich sheen of any metal. 

Diamond cut chains contain angled facets, grooves, and striking patterns, reflecting the light and glistening against the skin, creating a sparkling look as it becomes the main focal point.

Extra Craftsmanship: High-end, more expensive jewelry designs and chain links feature diamond cut designs, ideally suited for those who love to make a statement in glamorous style. Diamond cut rings, bracelets, anklets, pendants/charms, and chains may often be priced higher than similar pieces without this added craftsmanship. 

Characteristics of Diamond Cut Chains

Diamond cuts appear as faceting along the exterior of the chain links, giving them increased sparkle and shine. These added reflections make the chain links stand out, offering a glamorous appeal and a unique twist on any link chain. 

Sparkle and Shine

Upgrade your favorite link chain with the classic beauty of a diamond cut chain.  It is important to note that diamond cut finish has nothing to do with diamonds or other stone placement. Diamond cut doesn't consist of diamonds--it gets its name from the faceting and high sparkle it displays reminiscent of a diamond. Diamond cut finishes do not look like diamonds--they may attract attention with their fire and shine, but do not display the same fire and sparkle as diamonds. 

Precision & Cutting

Diamond cut chains are made by a series of steps that involve cutting and shaping the metal using different jewelry making tools: 

  • Metal: Diamond cut chains are typically fashioned utilizing metals that are durable, withstanding the metal work involved. Choosing the metal is step one when it comes to making a diamond cut chain; this affects the price point when the chain-making process is complete and ready for selling. 
  • Chain Making: Making a necklace, bracelet, or anklet chain is a complex process involving several steps. Experience is required for making a beautiful symmetrical chain with durable and appealing links for the consumer, withstanding wear and tear over several years. These steps may include metal melting, soldering, weaving, and polishing, with more or less steps depending on the chain link and process used. Some chains may be entirely handmade using metal loops. 
  • Diamond Cutting: A diamond-tipped tool (usually a chisel) is used to create angled facets along the surface of the chain. The tool is moved along the length of the chain, cutting and shaping the metal to create the desired texture.
  • Polishing: After cutting, the links are polished, removing sharp, uneven edges, creating a desirable surface. Enhancing the sparkle and bringing out the finish amplifies the shine and texture of the design and chain links. 
  • Finishing/Plating/Coating: Additional finishes or coatings to the chain offer a luxurious and durable touch to the design. Rhodium or gold plating changes the color or gives it a two-tone or tri-color. Matte finishes exude modernity, if part of the design concept. 
  • Clasps: Clasps may be attached on each side of the chain, or the chain may be “endless” depending if the chain is cut or measured to standard lengths for anklets, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • Durability

    Diamond cut finishes do not compromise the integrity of the metal or the links; diamond cut finishes don't  weaken the metal and chain links. They are precisely engraved patterns along the top of chain links, and may be faceted in beautiful patterns, different shapes, and sizes depending on the process. 

    Increased Strength: The textures of diamond cut facets may actually enhance the integrity of the chain and chain links depending on the chain width, style, and amount it is used. Diamond cut patterns prevent kinks and knots (depending on the link chain), extending the life of the chain.


    Structural Versatility: Diamond cut finishes are a very versatile way to showcase the metal work involved and amplify its appearance. 

    Diamond cut finishes may be applied to different chain links and jewelry design. As mentioned above, Black Hills gold is synonymous with diamond cut finishes, bringing out the unique design of these tri-color gold pieces. 

    Stylistic Versatility: Take your day look into the night and beyond with a shimmering diamond cut chain. Choose to wear diamond cut chains with casual, work, or nightwear depending on their width, gram weight, and style. Finish your look with an elegant diamond cut chain for a personalized touch. 

    • Width & Gram Weight Consideration: Thicker and heavier chains can be worn casually or out at night because of their impressive appearance. Thinner and delicate diamond cut chains are extra versatile--mix and match these airy chains with other chains and pendants for a layered look. 
    • Pendant/Charm Pairings: Wearing your favorite pendant with a diamond cut chain creates a stunning style, showcasing a bespoke duo of creative fine jewelry combined for your chicest style moment. 

    Timeless Appeal

    Diamond cut finishes have been around for decades, most notably the 1980s with diamond cut rope chains, making diamond cut chains absolutely timeless.

    A diamond cut may appear as bright and shiny, or more understated depending on the pattern and chain link–as a matter of fact, sometimes diamond cut is so subtle it only brings extra sparkle and shine to the chain links without being overly noticeable. 

    Materials Used for Diamond Cut Chains

    Materials used for diamond cut chains

    The metal smith or jewelry typically works with gold, silver, or platinum. They may use two-tone or tri-color gold (rose gold, white gold, yellow gold)or two different kinds of metal (silver and gold) for the chain composition.

    The following is a breakdown of metals used for diamond cut chains, discussing the pros and cons: 

    Gold: Gold is available in different karats, depicting the amount of gold mixed with alloys. 10k, 14k, and 18k are the most common. As mentioned above, gold comes in two-tone, single tone, and tri-color options. Using mixed gold creates a totally different look, even with the same chain link. 

    • Pros: Versatile, durable, and affordable. Because gold comes in different gram weights, chain styles, and karats, this makes shopping for your favorite diamond cut chain a rewarding experience, tailored toward your preferred price points and budget. 
    • Cons: Gold scratches and dents easily–taking care of your gold chain by removing it before certain exercises like showering, exercising, or sleeping will help prevent kinks and breakage. 

    Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is a more affordable and also durable fine metal, making choosing a diamond cut sterling silver chain easy for those who want a luxurious look combined with long-term style without the price tag. 

    • Pros: Sterling silver diamond cut chains are available in different chain links--most notably the figaro links with diamond cuts, a popular choice. Select a wider width and heavier gram weight at fraction of the cost a white gold or platinum chain would sell for by choosing sterling silver instead.
    • Cons: Sterling silver is not as luxurious as other metals and may not retain the same value or resell cost over time. Sterling silver is known for tarnishing–wearing your diamond cut silver chain frequently actually helps the metal’s rich shine, coating it with oils from the skin. 

    Platinum: Make a worthy investment with a platinum diamond cut chain--considered the most expensive and exclusive of fine metals. 

    • Pros: Platinum is very durable and strong, making it not only beautiful, but suitable for frequent wear. Platinum is a dense metal, making it heavy and super-luxurious with its rich white shine. 
    • Cons: Platinum isn't affordable--choosing a platinum chain is an opulent choice for those who adore this gorgeous white metal. The styles of platinum diamond cut chains may be limited because platinum is not as pliable as gold and silver. 

    Diamond cut chains are also available in titanium and stainless steel options.

    Types of Diamond Cut Chains

    Types of Diamond Cut Chains

    There are various types of  sought-after diamond cut chains available, including:

    Rope Chain: Rope chains feature multiple small and slim wire-like links twisted together, creating a spiral or "rope" effect. When a rope chain is diamond cut, it displays brilliant sparkle and shine--this is one of the most popular diamond cut chains. 

    Cable Chain: This popular, classic chain features oblong, oval, elongated, or round links. When diamond cut, it has a smooth, sleek appearance with a high shine.

    Figaro chain: This Italian chain has three small links alternating with a long link, or a variation of this pattern. When diamond cut, these flattened reflect the light beautifully. 

    Franco chain: This chain features square links creating an ultra-durable and sturdy chain, showcasing its statement style when diamond cut.

    Curb/Miami Cuban/Cuban Chain: This super-durable chain features flat geometric links sitting in grooves next to each other forming a sturdy row. When diamonds are cut, the curb chain is extremely glamorous and impressive.

    Tips for Choosing a High-Quality and Long-Lasting Chain 

    Here are some tips for choosing the right chain:

    Material/Metal: Gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and titanium may suit your style and budget preferences. Durability, strength, and color suits your personality.

    Chain Style/Chain Links: There are so many chain links available, including rope, box, snake, Figaro, Cuban/Miami Cuban, curb, byzantine, and more. A chain with delicate links may break easier or may not support a pendant.

    Length and Gram Weight: Length and total gram weight of the chain matches your price point and comfort.  

    Clasps/Findings: Some designer chains may have a stamped clasp with their hallmark on it; a luxurious clasp complements the diamond cut chain links. Making sure the clasp is secure will prevent it from getting lost. Replacing broken clasps or putting in more suitable clasps will help secure the chain. 

    Diamond Cut Chain vs. Regular Chain

    What is the difference between classic chain links and diamond cut chain links? Diamond cut chains feature angled facets creating extra texture, dimension, and shine on the links, adding a glamorous detail showcasing precision and craftsmanship with every facet placement along the top of the links. 

    Regular link chains also reflect the light, showcasing a smooth, brightly polished finish. Diamond cut chains offer a distinctive light reflection with a mesmerizing pattern of striking cuts, allowing the light to reflect from different angles. This increased sparkle and detail are perfect for those who want to only wear a chain, with or without a pendant/charm. 

    Diamond cut chains offer a stunning combination of visual appeal and classic elegance without compromising the metal's durability, composition, and wearability--diamond cut finishes will not snag on clothing or get caught in the hair. 

    Choose the Right Length and Thickness for a Diamond Cut Chain 

    Selecting a certain length will completely change the look of any chain:

    Length: Chains are commonly available in choker length, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24.” Longer chains are suitable for layering, doubling up, or worn solo. Chains measuring 14” and longer are perfect for complementing your favorite pendant. Some of the more popular lengths include 16” and 18.”

    Thickness: The thickness or width of the chain affects the gram weight and price of the chain. Thicker widths are great for bold and confidence styles. Slimmer, delicate chains will be priced more affordably. Making sure your pendant's bail will accommodate the clasp and chain width is important if you are purchasing them separately. 


    What is a diamond cut chain? A diamond cut is a decorative pattern used on jewelry designs, including chains, rings (most notably Black Hills gold), pendants/charms, and earrings. diamond cut is popular with different karats and colors of gold. 

    Diamond cut chains come in a variety of chain link styles, sizes, and widths, making shopping for chains an exciting experience. From statement-worthy chain links to delicate chains gracing the collarbone, wrist, or ankle, there is the perfect chain for everyone that is within their price point and personal preference.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How do I care for and maintain my diamond cut chain?

    Cleaning your gold chain in liquid jewelry solution (if it is safe to do so), the soapy water solution, or a jewelry cleaning cloth is an easy way for it to retain its sparkle. Taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler or store for cleaning and maintenance is recommended, at least once a year. Check out our comprehensive blog, 7 Best Ways To Clean Your Moissanite Ring for more information.

    Can diamond cut chains be customized or personalized?

    Diamond cut chains can be custom made with your specifications of metal, design, and other decorative details by a jeweler. Setting an appointment and outlining your idea for a custom made diamond cut chain is an easy process allowing you to see the chain's creation step by step. 

      In this article we're going to look into:
      Author: Emma Zerner
      Author: Emma Zerner
      Emma Zerner was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and grew up in Gainesville, Florida. She has a Bachelor of Science in Retail Merchandising from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Emma has been in the jewelry industry since 2002, starting in retail. She provides professional jewelry content of all kinds for numerous jewelry companies globally, in addition to Gemology services in person. In her free time, she has starred on multiple reality shows on major television networks, including MTV, BRAVO, and TLC, to name a few.
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      Author: Emma Zerner
      Author: Emma Zerner
      Emma Zerner was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and grew up in Gainesville, Florida. She has a Bachelor of Science in Retail Merchandising from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Emma has been in the jewelry industry since 2002, starting in retail. She provides professional jewelry content of all kinds for numerous jewelry companies globally, in addition to Gemology services in person. In her free time, she has starred on multiple reality shows on major television networks, including MTV, BRAVO, and TLC, to name a few.

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