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Dans cet article, nous allons nous pencher sur les points suivants :
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Sell Your Gold Chain: Where and How

le 10 février 2024

While gold chains can add a touch of elegance to your appearance, they can also be great financial investments. Whether you’ve decided to declutter your jewelry collection or you just want to benefit from the high market value of gold, selling your gold chain can be a reasonable choice. But how or where to sell gold chain?

If this is your first time selling gold jewelry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a detailed guide on how to sell your gold chain while getting the most favorable deal. 

How to Sell Your Gold Chain

To avoid getting scammed when selling your gold chain, it’s important to understand how you should sell precious metal or gemstone jewelry. The key here is to determine the value of your gold chain and then find a fair buyer either in your area or online. 

Here are some tips to help you get started. 

Understand the Stamps on Your Chain

What is hallmark on jewelry

Before you even start searching for gold buyers or places to sell your jewelry, you should check if your chain has any gold hallmarks, also known as stamps. These stamps tell you more about the purity of your gold chains. 

In some cases, there’s another hallmark indicating the brand, which could also increase the value of the chain. Gold chains from luxury brands (Cartier, Tiffany, etc.) have a significantly higher value, whereas unbranded chains are usually sold based on the purity and gold weight only. 

Additionally, gold chains might be stamped with GF, meaning that the chain is gold-filled. While you can sell gold-filled jewelry as well, the value will be much lower when compared to solid gold chains. 

The chart provided below shows karat weight, gold purity, and spot value of gold, assuming that the price per troy ounce is $2,055 (as of February 2, 2024).

Familiarize Yourself with the Price of Gold

To determine the current price of gold, you should just Google “Live Gold Price Chart.” There are various websites showing gold value trends and daily prices, letting you sell your jewelry for the best price possible.You can also get a brief overview of the prices of gold chains in this article!

Gold Spot Price Chart

Find Reputable Gold Buyers

Finally, you should find a reputable gold buyer to protect yourself from scammers and sell your gold chain for a fair price.

While you can search for gold buyers in your area, you can also choose online services. But no matter which option you go for, check for customer reviews and ratings. 

The best way to find reputable buyers is through sites like TrustPilot, Better Business Bureau, Google, and Yelp. 

Where to Sell Your Gold Chain

After determining the value of your gold chain, you can consider selling it. And there are a few common ways to make the best deal possible. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself: where can I sell my gold, here are some options. 

Local Jewelry Shops

The fastest way to sell your gold chain is by visiting a local jewelry shop. Ideally, you should visit a few jewelry stores to get multiple quotes before selling your jewelry. 

This will not only help you get a better idea of the price range but also allow you to choose the best offer. 

The reason why quotes may differ from shop to shop is that their offered price is based on how much of a cut they take. 

Online Stores

Selling gold chains through online stores is also an option, especially for those who are too busy to visit jewelers in person. You just get a deal, pack your chain, ensure safe shipping, and wait for the payment. 

While selling a gold chain to an online gold buyer is a convenient option, you may easily get scammed. To avoid that, take your time to do some research and find reliable online buyers. 

Pawn Shops

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable way to sell your gold chain, visiting a pawn shop might be the best option. You can trade your jewelry for cash in just a couple of minutes. 

The only downside of pawn shops is that they typically offer lower prices due to not having the right equipment to properly measure gold purity. 

All things considered, it’s not recommended to sell your gold chain at pawn shops, unless you need cash right away. 


Selling a gold chain through a local or online auction is another option to get the best offer, especially if your chain has some antique value or is from a luxury brand.

Auctions offer competitive bidding, meaning that you can get a fair market value based on how appealing your antique gold chain is to collectors and investors. 

Online Listing Sites

If you’ve evaluated your gold chain and know how much it resales for, you can sell gold online using online listing sites, such as eBay or Cragslist. 

Along with having full control over the listing details, you can set your own price and accept/decline offers. Online listing sites also let you sell the gold chain locally or reach a broader audience across the globe. 

Bonus Tips

Get an Appraisal

Get an appraisal at a jewelry store

Before selling your gold chain, visit a local jewelry appraiser and get an appraisal. It’s a special document describing an item, indicating its quality, and assigning a value accordingly. 

Getting a gold chain appraisal will help you understand the quality and value of your jewelry, leading to a more favorable deal when selling. 

Afraid that your gold chain could be fake? We have a full article on how to spot fake gold chains. Make sure to go check that out!

Make a Valuation of Other Precious Metals and Gems in Your Chain

If your gold chain has any embellishments, make sure you get them evaluated as well. By visiting a local jeweler, you can get a better idea of whether your gold chain incorporates any precious metals or gemstones.  

Understanding the type and quality of the materials used in your gold chain will help you determine its fair value. 

Be Sure of the Resale Value while Buying

Gold chains have a resale value, depending on its purity and gold weight. No matter how long you’ve been wearing your chain, you can still resell it. 

Note that the resale value of branded gold chains is even higher, so pay attention to that when buying one. In fact, buying a gold chain from a luxury brand is an actual investment. 

if you're interested in knowing where to buy gold chains then read oru aticle: "10 Best Places to Buy A Gold Chain in 2024".


When it comes to selling gold chains, careful consideration of how and where to sell gold is important for getting a fair and profitable transaction. 

Whether you’re going to sell gold online or by visiting a local jewelry store, knowing the quality and purity of your gold chain is important. That being said, make sure you understand the meanings of gold marks and the current price of gold. 

And no matter how reputable a gold buyer is, always get multiple quotes from a few different places to find the best deal for you.

    Dans cet article, nous allons nous pencher sur les points suivants :
    &plus ;
    Auteur : Stefan Selg
    Auteur : Stefan Selg
    Stefan se passionne pour les montres depuis près d'une décennie. Depuis qu'il a reçu sa première montre en 2015, il a appris et s'est immergé dans le monde, apportant la connaissance aux lecteurs dans un langage compréhensible et relatable.
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    Auteur : Stefan Selg
    Auteur : Stefan Selg
    Stefan se passionne pour les montres depuis près d'une décennie. Depuis qu'il a reçu sa première montre en 2015, il a appris et s'est immergé dans le monde, apportant la connaissance aux lecteurs dans un langage compréhensible et relatable.

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