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Dans cet article, nous allons nous pencher sur les points suivants :
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Comment faire une chaîne en or ? Le guide ultime

on May 01, 2024

Gold chains have long been timeless pieces of jewelry, popular among people with all styles and personalities. While gold chains can be quite expensive, there are a few ways to get a precious gold necklace on a budget. One of the most affordable options is to DIY your own gold chain. But how to make a gold chain?

Designing and crafting a gold chain is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. However, with the right tools and knowledge, you can make your own chain with minimal effort.

Whether you want to get creative and master the art of making jewelry, or you just want to save some money and make a gold chain on a budget, here’s a beginner-friendly guide on how to make a gold chain.

Prefer buying a ready-made gold chain? You can find some elegant yet glamorous necklaces from IceCartel’s exclusive gold chain collection. 

How to Make Your Own Chain

Wondering how to make a gold chain? Follow this 10-step guide to craft your first gold necklace!

Step 1. Source Jewelry Making Materials

First things first, gather all the tools and materials you’ll need to make a gold chain. These include:

  • Round-nose pliers

  • Flat-nose pliers

  • Wire cutter

  • Soldering torch

  • Soldering tweezers

  • Copper tongs

  • Safety gear

  • Gold solder (wire, sheets, or chips)

  • Flux for gold soldering

  • Jewelry pickle solution

  • 14K gold jump rings

  • Clasp

  • Sandpaper

  • Liquid polish

Step 2. Prepare the Work Area

The next step is to prepare the work area to make the gold chain-making process more straightforward. Remove any unwanted items from your desk and organize the tools and materials for easy access.

Step 3. Practice with Cheaper Materials First

Gold is quite expensive, so it’s recommended to get used to making jewelry by practicing with cheaper metals first.

Get brass or stainless steel jump rings and use a pair of pliers to open and close them. Try connecting them in a desired pattern without damaging their overall shape.

If you’ve mastered the art of chain-making and know how to use the tools, you can go ahead and proceed wth making your DIY gold chain using 14K gold jump rings.

Step 4. Determine the Length of the Chain

Yarn and Ruler Method

Gold chains come in various lengths, so you should select the size based on how you want the chain to lay on your neck.

Take a string or another chain and lay it on your neck at the desired length. Measure the length and record.

Some of the most popular gold chain lengths range from 14 to 26 inches.

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Step 5. Consider the Chain Type

As a beginner, consider choosing a simple type of chain, preferably a light necklace with smaller chain links. While Cuban and tennis chains are particularly popular and eye-catching, the pattern is pretty difficult to make.

If you decide to go for a complex chain design, make sure you have the adequate level of expertise and the required tools to make your own chain without damaging the precious metal.

Learn more about different types of chains in our blog: "Types of Chain Necklaces: Every Chain Necklace Type Explained"

Step 6. Draw the Chain Pattern

Make a sketch of your idea

Before you start connecting the links, it’s important to draw the chain pattern for reference. This will help you visualize the final product while making the chain.

If you’re wondering how to draw a gold chain, you don’t need any advanced drawing skills. Just a simple sketch will do the job as long as it depicts the general pattern of the chain.

Step 7. Determine the Type and Number of Jump Rings

determine number of jump rings

As a beginner, you may use gold jump rings instead of actual chain links as they are easy to open/close and don’t require soldering.

The number of jump rings will depend on the type and size of the individual links as well as the desired chain length.

When using smaller jump rings or chain links (0.2-0.3mm), you’ll need 9-14 jump rings per inch. So, it will be 180-280 jump rings for a 20-inch gold chain.

Adjust the number of jump rings based on their size and the desired length of the gold chain. Get a few extra ones, just in case.

Step 8. Start Connecting the Jump Rings

Connect the jump rings

Now you can start connecting the jump rings.

If you’ve decided to use regular jump rings, you can use a pair of pliers to open and close the rings as you connect them to each other.

In the case of actual chain links, you’ll need to solder them together. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Clean the chain links in a pickle solution using copper tongs;

  • Add flux to the chain link and heat it;

  • Connect one chain link to another to create a weaving pattern;

  • Add a gold solder (wire, sheet, or chip) to the chain link and apply some heat;

  • Repeat until you reach the desired length;

  • Cool the chain and place it in a pickle bath to remove any discoloration;

  • Clean the chain before moving on to the next step.

Read more in our step-by-step guide on how to solder gold chains. 

Step 9. Attach the Clasp to Finalize

To finalize, you’ll need to attach a secure clasp to the chain and ensure that it opens/closes properly. You don’t need to go crazy for lightweight chains. A regular gold clasp will do the job.

Step 10. Polish as Needed

If you’ve made a gold chain using jump rings, polishing the chain with some baking soda and dish soap is enough.

In the case of soldered chain links, you’ll need to remove rough edges to achieve a smooth surface. To do so, use some very fine grit sandpaper, at least 1,000 grit or above. Gently sand the edges and use a liquid polish to get rid of the scratches.

That’s it. You’ve just made your own gold chain!

Tips for Making Your Gold Chain

Here are some tips to ensure a safe jewelry-making experience and achieve the desired results with less effort. 

Use Safety Gear

Using safety gear is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. No matter how easy chain-making seems, wearing safety goggles, an apron, and a pair of gloves will keep you safe during the process.

Don’t Go Too Complex

As a beginner, avoid going too complex when making your own chain. Take it slow and start with a simple design. As you master the art of jewelry-making, you can proceed with more complex patterns and intricate details to add some personalization to the chain. 

Take Your Time

Take your time when making your first gold chain. Be careful and attentive during the process as this will not only keep you safe but also ensure better results.

Can’t Make Your Own Chain? Choose Icecartel!

Making a gold chain can be a challenging task for some and there’s no need to stress yourself. Having trouble making your own chain? Refer to Icecartel, the most reliable online destination for buying gold jewelry.

Icecartel features an exclusive gold chain collection for people with all types of styles. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic gold chain with a timeless design or you prefer something more luxurious and attention-grabbing, you can easily find the desired chain at Icecartel.

Here are some of the most elegant and sophisticated Icecartel gold chains that won’t go unnoticed. 


If you’ve decided to get creative and start your first DIY gold chain project, following our beginner-friendly step-by-step guide on how to make a gold chain will help you get started.

By gathering the right tools and materials, determining the desired length and style of the chain, and carefully connecting the jump links, you can create a personalized gold chain at home.

While making a gold chain is a straightforward process, following the safety precautions is essential. Always wear safety gear when using heat or chemicals during the chain-making process.

Have trouble making your own gold chain? Worry no more! IceCartel has some of the most exquisite gold chains to choose from. You can even order a customized gold chain to suit your personality and style. 

Author Joosep Seitam

Joosep Seitam

Joosep est né à Tallinn, en Estonie, un petit pays d'Europe du Nord. Il est entrepreneur et l'un des cofondateurs d'Icecartel. Joosep travaille dans le secteur de la bijouterie depuis 2019, année où il a créé la marque à partir de zéro. Au cours de ces années, Joosep a appris tout ce qu'il y a à savoir sur l'industrie de la bijouterie et il est ici pour partager tout cela !

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