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Plongez dans l'impressionnante collection de bijoux de Chief Keef - Icecartel

on May 16, 2024

In the world of hip hop, Chief Keef’s name is synonymous to drill music. The Chicago-born rapper’s official name is Keith Farrelle Cozart, and he is also a songwriter and producer. He is one of the pioneers who popularized drill music in the modern-day hip hop scene.

Chief Keef is also very popular among his fans because of his unique style. Flashy jackets, flamboyant shoes, and heavy jewelry- Chief Keef never shied away from showing off his wardrobe.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of Chief Keef’s jewelry pieces. While it won’t be possible to go over every single jewelry piece he owns, we will mention the most iconic ones. 

Chief Keef’s Rise to Fame

Chief Keef began his professional music career very early. When he was a teenager, he started his recording careers and became a regional star for the mixtapes he released in the early 2010s. The name of his first ever regional hit was ‘I Don’t Like’, which he released in collaboration with Lil Reese in 2012. This was also his getaway into the Billboard Hot 100.

As he is also from the hometown of Kayne West, his early music was massively influenced by the veteran. In fact, some of his mixtapes included remixed versions of Kanye’s songs. Due to his early success as a regional hip hop star, multiple major record labels wanted to sign him. Eventually, Interscope Records won the bidding war and he signed with them. His first single for Interscope was ‘Love Sosa’, which was a success. This was followed by his first studio album Finally Rich, which was released in December 2012.

While Finally Rich was not really a superhit album, it was able to garner some moderate success. The most significant thing that came out of his first studio album was him starting to popularize the drill subgenre. His following recordings did a lot to bring drill music to the attention of the mainstream audience, labeling him as the pioneer of drill in modern hip hop music.

With a bit of information into Chief Keef’s history and his rise to fame, let’s dive deeper into his massive jewelry collection! 

Chief Keef Pendants

Glo Cup Pendant

chief keef glo cup pendant

One of Chief Keef's most iconic accessories is his Glo Cup pendant. This eye-catching piece features a bedazzled sun sipping from a solo cup, a design that Keef often sports on his favorite chains. The pendant became incredibly popular, leading to a limited release of replica versions for fans.

What sets Chief Keef's Glo Cup pendant apart is its use of real diamonds and gold. The sheer amount of bling covering the pendant is staggering, suggesting a significant investment from Keef. The luxurious materials and intricate craftsmanship make it a standout piece in his collection.

Glo Gang Pendant

chief keef glo gang pendant

The record label Glo Gang, previously named the Glory Boyz, is close to the Chief’s heart. The gang is behind numerous successful tracks released by him. It’s no surprise that he got a pendant to pay tribute to Glo Gang.

Chief Keef's Glo Gang pendant, once again crafted by the esteemed New York-based jeweler, Alex Moss, is an emblematic symbol of his affiliation with the Glo Gang. The pendant is skillfully designed, featuring the iconic Glo Gang emblem in its shape.

Embedded within the emblem are over 50 carats of dazzling diamonds, adding an unparalleled sparkle to the piece. 

Big Glo Pendant

Chief Keef's Big Glo diamond chain is a stunning piece of jewelry that really stands out. Iced out with lots of diamonds, it shines brightly and catches everyone's eye. The chain is shaped like the Glo Gang symbol, the happy sun with big eyes. The eyes of the pendant, however, are made of 18K gold. 

'Chief Keef' Pendant

Since this pendant does not have an official name, we decided to call it the ‘Chief Keef’ pendant because of how it looks. It’s basically a diamond crafted caricature of the rapper himself.

Chief Keef acquired this diamond piece from the Ice Brothers, and once again the design was taken care of by Colorful Mula. This intricately designed piece displays Chief Keef's signature long dreadlocks and is iced out with top-notch diamonds.

Other than the diamonds, this piece also showcases the artistic talent of Colorful Mula. The artist literally turned Keef into a cartoon character. He also gave the rapper a beard, and fire burning from his locks. 

Need a custom pendant like Chief Keef? Check these out! 

Chief Keef Chains

The Globoy Chain

chief keef globoy chain

Alex Moss is not a stranger to collaborating with rappers and hip hop artists. He made the famous Globoy Chain for Chief Keef.

Designed by Chief Keef's Creative Director, Colorful Mula, the pendant shows off Globoy, the famous mascot of Glo Gang.

Their collaboration started when the rapper got the idea for a 3D diamond pendant featuring the character. It took over four months to make the piece, with a lot of work figuring out how to bring Globoy to life.

The chain is made of 14k white gold, weighs 220 grams, and is covered in over 43 carats of natural diamonds. Besides the diamonds, it's got hand-painted enamel details and a real scope on the left eye.

Almighty Sosa Loud Chain

chief keef almighty sosa loud chain

The Almighty Sosa Loud Chain is another brilliant piece from Alex Moss. This is the jeweler’s one of the most recent works for the Chicago-based rapper.

According to Alex, the new jewelry set is inspired by the main character Lincoln Loud from the cartoon The Loud House. It's made of 14k white gold and VVS diamonds. The pendant has eyes that can spin, is colorful like stained glass, and comes with its own Glo Boyz chain.

The set can be worn in different ways. Chief can take off the chain and pendant and mix them with other pieces. The chain is impressive on its own, with a pattern that looks like Lincoln's stained glass window colors. Moss also added their first signature lock, covered in diamonds.

Diamond Cluster Chain

chief keef diamond cluster chain

There is nothing too fancy about this Johnny Dang diamond cluster chain when you first look at it. However, it is one of the most expensive pieces in the Chief’s collection. Crafted with 18k yellow gold, this long cluster chain is iced out with 80 carats of diamonds.

Johnny Dang crafted quite a few jewelry pieces for Chief Keef and the other members of the Glo Gang, but this cluster chain is definitely something more special than the other pieces. Priced at $250,000, the chain is used by Chief Keef with different types of diamond pendants he has in his collection. 

Chief Keef Watches

Breitling Watch

Chief Keef Breitling Watch

Chief Keef's Breitling watch shows that he likes fancy and stylish things. He's known for wearing expensive stuff, and picking a Breitling watch shows he likes things that are made well.

This watch, made by the famous Swiss watchmaker Breitling, looks really nice and matches Chief Keef's cool fashion style. It's not just good-looking, though. It's also really well-made, and of course, it keeps time accurately.

The watch is made of stainless steel, platinum, yellow and white gold, and diamonds. The face of the watch is totally iced out with small pieces of intricate diamonds.

Whether he's performing on stage or going to important events, Chief Keef's Breitling watch shows that he's successful and has a big influence in music and fashion.

Chief Keef Earrings

Square Shaped Diamond Earrings

Chief Keef Square Shaped Diamond Earrings

Chief Keef has a plethora of earrings. In fact, he is rarely seen without a pair of earrings. Among his collection of earrings, the most notable pair has to be the square shaped diamond earrings.

The base of the earrings is made of 18K gold, while the surface is fully iced out with small pieces of diamond. The pair is actually quite heavy, and you may wonder how the rapper’s ears hold them. Looks like he prefers style over comfort! 


From what we can see from the Chief’s jewelry collection, his jewelry pieces are way more than mere ornaments. Most of his jewelry pieces are meaningful. For example, he has multiple pendants that pay homage to the Glo Gang and Glory Boyz. That’s why his jewelry pieces’ value goes way beyond their monetary value.

Chief Keef also knows how to style his jewelry. He wears his jewelry in a way that compliments his whole outfit. Even though there are many stylish rappers, very can match the style and fashion sense of Chief Keef. 

Questions fréquemment posées

How much is Chief Keef’s Jewelry worth?

Chief Keef’s wardrobe has a whole lot of jewelry pieces, and some of them are worth a lot of money. While there’s no certain estimation of the value of his jewelry collection, it is beyond $5 million for sure. 

Who designs Chief Keef’s Jewelry?

Johnny Dang, Colorful Mula, and Alex Moss are some of Chief Keef’s favorite jewelers. 

Where can I find replicas of Chief Keef’s Jewelry?

Many online shops offer replica jewelry, and the prices can vary based on how close they are to the real thing.

But if you want jewelry similar to what Chief Keef wears and of high quality, you should check out Icecartel’s Custom Jewelry service. We create each piece of jewelry according to our customers' preferences, using top-notch materials. We pay close attention to the small details our customers want. Plus, we offer a money-back guarantee, and our prices are very reasonable. Icecartel's Custom Jewelry service is one of the best options available for custom jewelry lovers.

Joosep Seitam

Joosep Seitam

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