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Découvrez la collection de bijoux de Tory Lanez - Icecartel

on May 08, 2024

Tory Lanez, a Canadian artist, is known for his distinctive fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and pop music. His musical prowess earned him widespread acclaim as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. However, in recent times he got more attention for all the wrong reasons. The rapper is currently serving his sentence in a state prison in California, as he was convicted of shooting at fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

While Tory is not actually at the best phase of his musical career at the moment, he did release some super-successful songs in the rap genre, back when his head was more into music than crime. He also became a style and fashion icon among his fans, especially due to his jewelry collection.

While showing off his jewelry collection in an interview with GQ , he created some controversy saying that most of the rappers and hip hop artists love to exaggerate the price of their jewelry pieces. They want people to think that they are super rich, and it inflates their ego. Then he went on to show his own collection. He believed that while his collection was not as big as some other hip hop artists, it was at least genuine.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the jewelry collection the controversial rapper had in his possession before going to prison. Like him or not, you won’t deny that he actually had a pretty solid jewelry collection. 

History of Tory Lanez

Before we get into the jewelry collection of the sentence-serving rapper, we would like to go through his history for a while. Born in Brampton, a city in the Greater Toronto Area, Tory Lanez emerged from what appears to be a relatively ordinary upbringing, a fact that resonates with fans who can relate to his experiences and aspirations.

Growing up in Brampton exposed Lanez to a diverse array of musical influences, including hip-hop, R&B, and pop, which he skillfully integrated into his own music. His Canadian identity plays a significant role in shaping Lanez's perspective as an artist, as he frequently expresses pride in his heritage and represents his country on the global stage.

Moreover, Lanez's early experiences in Brampton laid the groundwork for his future success, as the city's dynamic music scene and supportive community provided him with opportunities to develop his skills and cultivate a local following.

Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Drake, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, Tory Lanez infused his music with a unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, since his very early days. Lanez particularly credits Drake for influencing his songwriting and melodic style, while Jay-Z's lyrical prowess and emphasis on storytelling have also left a notable mark on Lanez's craft.

Like many other hip hop artists who came from humble backgrounds, Tory Lanez also started with his mixtapes. His early mixtapes, like "Conflicts of My Soul" and "Lost Cause," highlighted his exceptional talent and distinct sound, earning critical acclaim for their raw energy, and introspective lyrics. These releases garnered a dedicated online following, laying the groundwork for Lanez's collaboration with established artists and eventual rise to mainstream success.

Tory Lanez's first album, ‘I Told You’, came out in 2016, marking a big moment in his music journey. The album's popularity showed he was on the rise and proved he could do different styles.

‘I Told You’ did well commercially, claiming the number four spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The main song, ‘Luv’, was a hit worldwide, making it into the top ten in many countries. Critics also liked ‘I Told You’ for its consistent sound, deep lyrics, and Lanez's mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. They praised his songwriting and how he connected with listeners.

The album got Lanez nominated for awards like the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Performance and the American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album. The success of ‘I Told You’ pushed Lanez's career forward. It led to collabs with famous artists, big tours, and more fans worldwide. There’s no hesitation to say that the debut album made him a superstar.

Tory Lanez's arrest and conviction for assaulting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020 was a major event in his life, affecting both his personal and professional sides. This incident damaged his reputation, leading to public criticism and scrutiny, which changed how people saw him as a role model and entertainer. The legal consequences put a massive dent in his musical career. The case also influenced how the public viewed Lanez, with some distancing themselves from him while others continued to support him, showing the mixed opinions people had about him.

As now we know a lot about the rise and fall of Tory Lanez, let’s have a look at his jewelry collection!

Tory Lanez Chains

Big Cuban Chain

tory lanez cuban chain

Tory confessed that this was the first big purchase he made. This $175,000 massive cuban chain was made by Rafaello, one of the household names in the luxury jewelry enthusiasts in American hip hop music industry.

The first thing you notice about this cuban chain is its gigantic size. Tory said that the chain is really heavy, and one can feel its weight on their neck if they wear it. The chain locks of the chain are made of 18k gold, while the surface of the chain is iced-out with 40 carats of diamond. No wonder this piece costs so much money!

Interestingly, Tory wanted Rafaello to make this chain super big, but he specifically wanted it to look similar to his other inexpensive chains because he was a fan of simplicity. It has to be said that the fine jeweler nailed the requirement!

If you want a big cuban chain like Tory, check these out! 

Chaînes de tennis en diamant

tory lanez diamond tennis chains

Tory Lanez’s jewelry collection contains some diamond tennis chains in different sizes and lengths. He used to wear different tennis chains for different occasions. The most expensive one in the bunch has pure diamonds on both sides. This one set the rapper back by a whopping $60,000.

According to Tory, the links that keep the chains together are more expensive than the chains themselves. 

Tory Lanez Pendants

Jesus Pendant

tory lanez jesus pendants

We are going to start this off with a very inexpensive piece of jewelry. You may wonder why this piece is being discussed in this article, especially when Tory has worn lots of expensive pieces of jewelry over the years. Well, we had to include this piece in the list, because it was the first ever jewelry the rapper bought.

Tory bought the Jesus Pendant from Queens Colesium. He also remembers the name of the person who sold it to him - it was Steve. The pendant is literally a depiction of Jesus, in a cross position. 

If you take a closer look at it, you will see that Jesus is pointing his fingers on both sides, like flexing guns. Despite the piece being really inexpensive, Tory likes it very much due to it being the very first ornament he bought. He was not even that famous in the hip hop community either. It reminds him of his humble past. 

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Forever Umbrella Pendant

tory lanez forever umbrella pendant

The Forever Umbrella pendant means a lot to Tory Lanez. The rapper claimed that he didn’t wear this massive pendant that much anymore when he gave the GQ interview. However, that should not stop you from admiring this amazing piece of craft.

Tory cherishes his record label, One Umbrella, and his clothing line holds immense sentimental value for him. The iconic umbrella logo in the Forever Umbrella pendant symbolizes their motto, "We've got you covered," conveying the message of selfless support regardless of circumstances.

To commemorate the significance of his label and clothing brand, Lanez decided to create something special—a stunning pendant adorned with lots of dazzling diamonds. This custom-made piece is skillfully crafted by Rafaello once again, featuring intricate details, and is bordered with elegant baguette stones. At the center of the pendant, the alphabets F and U are embedded with diamonds. I don’t think you need an explanation of what they mean.

However, what makes it truly unique is the accidental loss of the "M" in the umbrella logo. While dropping the pendant may have been an error, Lanez sees it as a happy accident, adding an extra touch of authenticity and character to the piece. This flaw serves as a reminder that imperfections can enhance beauty and reflect Lanez's embrace of authenticity in his work.

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The Toronto Uzi Pendant


He might not show it all the time, but Tory loves his birthplace a lot. Toronto, Canada holds a special place in Tory Lanez's heart, both figuratively and literally. To honor his birthplace, Lanez commissioned a custom Toronto pendant from his favorite jeweler, Rafaello, with his own unique twist.

Inspired by the Toronto Raptors logo, the pendant has the word ‘Toronto’ crafted at the top of the pendant. Lanez requested a modification too, which makes the pendant unique - instead of a basketball in the center, he opted for a detailed, diamond-studded Uzi weapon. This alteration symbolizes Lanez's pride in his roots, even if they weren't always idyllic.

To further commemorate his connection to Toronto, Lanez inked the same logo onto his bicep. While the pendant came with a hefty price tag of over $45,000, Lanez's investment in this meaningful piece is understandable given its personal significance.

Well, this pendant literally having a gun makes the whole thing a bit ironic. Why, you may ask? The rapper is currently serving his sentence in a California state prison for shooting someone, see the irony there? We don’t know if the gun he shot Megan with was a Uzi.

Morten Salt Lady Pendant

tory lanez morten salt lady

Priced at $32,000, this stunning pendant captures the iconic Morton Salt logo, featuring the beloved Morton Salt Girl holding an umbrella. Tory's fondness for this logo dates back to his childhood, making the pendant even more sentimental to him.

Moreover, the pendant serves as a reflection of Lanez's own journey in the music industry. Like the Morton Salt Girl, Lanez has faced his share of challenges and obstacles along the way. Yet, much like the girl in the logo, Lanez has remained resilient and determined in his pursuit of his goals, at least to a certain point. The logo is iced out with high-quality diamonds, and the rapper used to wear it with different types of gold chains.

To further commemorate his connection to the logo, Tory has a tattoo of the same design on his left arm, emphasizing the significance of this symbol in his life.

Tory Lanez Diamond Rings

tory lanez diamond rings

Tory Lanez’s jewelry collection contains some diamond tennis chains in different sizes and lengths. He used to wear different tennis chains for different occasions. The most expensive one in the bunch has pure diamonds on both sides. This one set the rapper back by a whopping $60,000.

According to Tory, the links that keep the chains together are more expensive than the chains themselves. 

Tory Lanez's Rolex Sky Dweller Watch

tory lanez rolex sky dweller watch

The Rolex Sky-Dweller watch is a symbol of wealth and class, highly sought after in the hip hop industry. Tory Lanez owns one with a solid gold face, showcasing his taste for luxury.

Although Lanez usually doesn't flaunt his jewelry and prefers to keep things modest, his Sky-Dweller is an exception. While we're not certain of its exact cost, it's adorned with over 40 emerald-cut diamonds on the band alone, indicating its significant value. On top of that, it might be more valuable than the time Tory bought the watch, as Rolex watches gain value over time.


The controversial rap artist was not one of the biggest style icons in the hip hop music industry. However, his jewelry collection was definitely worth taking a look at. He was not able to take his collection with him to the California state prison where he’s currently at, but of course, he felt awesome when the collection was with him.

Tory Lanez did not like to wear a whole lot of chains, pendants, and necklaces when he was still active. He had a special liking for diamond rings. In our opinion, the big cuban chain and those diamond rings were the most notable pieces from his collection. 

Questions fréquemment posées

How much is Tory Lanez’s jewelry collection worth?

Tory Lanez did not own lots of expensive jewelry pieces compared to some of his other rapper counterparts. However, even though his jewelry collection may seem pretty modest, it must cost more than half a million dollars for sure.

Who designs Tory Lanez’s jewelry?

For now, no one will be designing jewelry for Tory Lanez as the rapper is yet to get released from jail. Anyways, when he was a free man, Rafaello and Co. was his favorite jeweler. His most expensive pieces of jewelry are crafted by Rafaello.

Where can I find replicas of Tory Lanez’s jewelry?

If your budget is pretty small and you just want jewelry that only looks like Tory Lanez’s pieces, then you should try smaller online-based jewelry stores. You can buy cheap replica jewelry from them quite easily.

However, if you care about the quality and craftsmanship of your jewelry, then look no further than Icecartel’s Custom Jewelry service. 

We can get you jewelry like Tory Lanez with the best quality materials, made by highly skilled jewelers. On top of that, you won’t have to pay a fortune to wear jewelry like Tory Lanez should you choose to order with us. We are really affordable and offer a generous money-back guarantee.

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