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Découvrez la superbe collection de bijoux de Justin Bieber - Icecartel

on May 06, 2024

Justin Bieber became a global sensation with his chart-topping single ‘Baby’ at a very young age. For 90’s kids, Justin Bieber is way more than just a regular musician. He holds a lot of nostalgic value among the 90’s kids, since the time when social media was not as popular as it is now.

Other than his voice, Bieber reached the peak of popularity due to his fashion sense, also not to mention the then power couple he created with another prodigy Selena Gomez. However, we are not going to discuss Bieber’s love life in this article, rather we would like to focus on his wardrobe, more specifically, his jewelry collection.

While Bieber does not often wear heavy jewelry or accessories like rappers, he still has a liking for minimalist jewelry, and his collection is proof of that. Despite not showcasing over the top jewelry pieces, Bieber has some iconic jewelry pieces that we would like to discuss in this article. 

Bieber’s Rise to Fame

Bieber first came to the limelight during the very early days of the social media culture. Contrary to popular belief, the Ontario born musician was not entirely a self-taught artist. He took music lessons while growing up, and was immensely talented.

He used to basking in Stratford, his hometown. Later he became active on Youtube and started getting noticed. When his mom put a video of him performing online, manager Scooter Braun noticed him and immediately recognized his talent. Scooter then arranged a meeting with Grammy winner pop star Usher, who helped Bieber to become a professional musician.

Upon meeting him, Usher also recognized his musical prowess and claimed, “He just had it.” After he turned 14, Justin Bieber signed his first record deal. This encouraged the prodigy to move to the US. According to Biber and his mother, this was a very difficult decision for him and his family, as he was still very young at that point.

The teenager became a bona fide superstar upon the release of his first studio album, My World. The 2009 album made Bieber force his way into mainstream pop music, and there was no going back from there. Just after two months of his debut album release, Bieber released his all time superhit song ‘Baby’. To date, this is one of the most streamed songs of all time.

Justin Bieber took his fame to new heights with Never Say Never. He collaborated with Jaden Smith for this song, who also was a child prodigy who starred in the then popular film The Karate Kid.

The pop star had to go through some struggles in his early days too. While being world famous at such an early age had its perks, it came with a few caveats too. It is not easy for a teenager to deal with so much fame, at such a tender age.

When an 18-year-old Justin went to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he wore an overall, which enraged quite a few people. They believed for such an occasion, the pop star should’ve chosen formal attire.

Bieber also had to deal with a lot of paparazzi invading his personal life, especially when he started dating another child prodigy, Selena Gomez. However, according to many, the limelight was worse for Selena than it was for Justin.

Today, Justin Bieber stands tall as one of the most recognized faces in pop music, and he releases great songs almost every year. As the Canadian artist just entered his 30s, it is hoped that he has a lot more to give to the pop music industry.

Let’s have a closer look at his jewelry collection! 

Justin Bieber Chains

Gold and Diamond Cuban Link Chain

Justin Bieber Cuban Link Chain

Back in 2020, Justin Bieber appeared at the premiere of his Youtube docu-series Justin Bieber: Seasons wearing an iced-out diamond cuban link chain. Reportedly, this piece was made by The Jadelle of Beverly Hills.

The base of this amazing piece is made of white gold, which is covered in VVS colorless diamonds. It is rumored that there were 65 carats of diamonds, making it really expensive. Well, this was a gift from his generous wife Hailey, and everyone knows that money is no object to her when it comes to spoiling her husband.

Even though the price was not confirmed, it should be somewhere around $200,000, if not more.

‘Homer’ Chain

Justin Bieber Homer Chain

If you are a fan of the popular television cartoon series The Family Guy, then already have something in common with Justin Bieber. He has a whole collection of ‘Homer’ chains, and they are not cheap!

The three editions of the Homer chain are slime green, baby blue, and bubblegum pink. All of these chains are made of rhodium-plated 925 silver. Created by Frank Ocean, these chains have a lab grown 0.5 carat diamond at the center. To make each of them unique, Frank panted them with enamel to give each a different color.

Frank Ocean took these Homer chains as a hobby, but after getting massive responses from superstars like Jeremy Strong and Drake, he might just make this his main gig.

When you first look at it, the chains might not look that fancy. However, with the recycled sterling silver and the diamond, coupled with Frank’s eye for detail, each chain is actually way more expensive than they look. Each of them costs almost $8,000. 

Justin Bieber Pendants

The Mushroom Pendant

Justin Bieber Mushroom Pendant

On their 5th anniversary, the Bieber couple got themselves a set of matching mushroom pendants. The set was created by Alex Moss, one of the most popular luxury jewelers in New York.

Between the two pendants in the set, Justin got his hands on the blue one. It was carved from 14-karat yellow gold. The dazzling blue color comes from a total of 12.6 carats of VVS blue and white diamonds. These are already enough to skyrocket the price of the piece, but Alex was not over yet. 

Bieber’s pendant was further decorated with a Burmese ruby, pink sapphire, Colombian emerald, and yellow sapphire stones. To match the pendant, Alex also made two geo-cable link chains with 14-karat yellow gold.

According to the jeweler, it was Hailey who reached out to him and wanted the set to have absolutely perfect pendants. In fact, Hailey also contributed to the design of the chains. When asked about the price of the necklace, Alex said they were ‘priceless’. 

Drew Smiley Face Pendant

Justin Bieber Smiley Face Pendant

Justin Bieber is no longer just a musician and a style icon, he is also a very successful entrepreneur. In 2019, Bieber launched his own clothing and merch line named The House of Drew. And did he celebrate the occasion in style!

He ordered six custom pendants and necklaces, with the pendants literally being the Happy Drew logo. Among the six pendants, the two larger ones were for Justin and Hailey, and the rest of them were gifted to his team members.

The pendants and chains were designed by Eliott Eliantte, and the whole set cost more than $250k. 

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Justin Bieber Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Justin Bieber Earrings

At the 2021 Met Gala, Bieber was spotted wearing subtle iced-out earrings. While the pop star wears different types of earrings from time to time, these diamond earrings were without any doubt the most outstanding ones.

Created by the popular Egyptian-American jeweler Jacquie Aiche, these earrings look like mini hoops. While it’s not known how many carats of diamonds were used to make these earrings, they do seem very expensive!

These earrings added just the perfect hint of glint to the pop artist’s chic look.

Justin Bieber Watches

Rolex President

Justin Bieber  Rolex

It’s no secret that Bieber is a big fan of luxury watches. In fact, from his teenage years, the pop artist had a thing for super cool watches. One of the most iconic watches he owns has to be the Rolex President. This watch is not just iconic for Justin Bieber, rather its name came from its immense popularity among diplomats and world leaders.

During the premiere of the documentary Believe, Justin was spotted with the yellow gold day-date Rolex President watch for the first time. He even customized the watch with a round aftermarket diamond bezel. On top of that, he made some more customizations with baguette diamonds on its champagne colored dial.

During that time, this awesome watch cost almost $60,000. It’s pretty sure that the watch is valued way more than that now.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Justin Bieber Patek Philippe Nautilus

Like many other celebrities and musicians, Justin Bieber is also a big fan of Patek Philippe Nautilus watches. He got himself one of these beauties a few days before his wedding back in 2018. While going to see their pastor at Hillsong Megachurch, Bieber was spotted rocking a cool Patek Philippe Nautilus watch.

It was by no means a regular Nautilus, as Bieber likes to customize his accessories. From the dial to the bezel and the strap, the watch was full of round diamonds. Moreover, Bieber used white-gold to make the watch look very distinct to any other watch. This is by far the most expensive watch in his luxury watch collection, with a gigantic price tag of $300,000.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Watch

Justin Bieber Audemars Piguet

Justin Bieber spoiled himself with many luxury accessories on the occasion of his wedding ceremony. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Watch was one of the most notable ones.

The watch is a descendant of the original 1972 watch. This ultra-thin 39mm watch is known as the ‘Jumbo’ because of its large diameter. Bieber’s watch comes with a bracelet and an 18k yellow gold set.

Apart from the expensive materials used to make the watch, it demonstrates peak craftsmanship. The self-winding Calibre this watch has is one of the world[‘s thinnest mechanical automatic motor movements. The dark grey tapisserie dial gives it the perfect look over the gold.

This rare watch was produced during some time between 1978 and the mid 80s, and only 1,000 pieces were made. Priced at $95,000, it is indeed another jewel in Bieber’s collection.


Justin Bieber’s style is minimalist, and he is barely seen in a look full of heavy jewelry and accessories. However, his subtle style is something that sets him apart from others. He knows how to rock smaller chains, unique pendants, and luxury watches. 

For all the subtle fashion lovers out there, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest inspirations. While the pop artist prefers to stick to subtlety, his style is never boring. 

Questions fréquemment posées

How much is Justin Bieber’s Jewelry worth?

The pop star never disclosed the price of his jewelry collection. On top of that, it’s really difficult to say how many jewelry pieces he currently owns. However, the ballpark figure that we can guess will be somewhere around $2 Million. 

Who designs Justin Bieber’s Jewelry?

Justin Bieber doesn’t have a go-to jeweler who designs most of his jewelry. Interestingly, his wife Hailey has worked with multiple jewelers for many of the jewelry pieces the couple owns. Some of the jewelers who designed Bieber’s jewelry are Eliantte, Jacquie Aiche, Alex Moss, and Frank Ocean. 

Where can I find replicas of Justin Bieber’s Jewelry?

Many online stores sell replica jewelry, and depending on the quality of the replicas, the prices will vary.

However, if you are looking for jewelry like Justin Bieber, which is also high quality, then you should check out Icecartel’s Custom Jewelry service. All of our custom jewelry pieces are made according to the choice of our customers, and quality is maintained all throughout the process. We only use very high quality materials and pay special attention to the little details our customers want in their pieces. With money-back guarantee and super affordable pricing, Icecartel has one of the best custom jewelry services out there. 

Joosep Seitam

Joosep Seitam

Joosep est né à Tallinn, en Estonie, un petit pays d'Europe du Nord. Il est entrepreneur et l'un des cofondateurs d'Icecartel. Joosep travaille dans le secteur de la bijouterie depuis 2019, année où il a créé la marque à partir de zéro. Au cours de ces années, Joosep a appris tout ce qu'il y a à savoir sur l'industrie de la bijouterie et il est ici pour partager tout cela !

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