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☀️ Summer Sale | Up to 40% OFF

🚚 Free Shipping on All Orders


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Custom Moissanite "K" Ring Review
Video by Lucas Mint
Custom Moissanite Ring
14K Yellow Gold

Custom Moissanite "K" Ring Review

Video by Lucas Mint

Custom Moissanite Ring

14K Yellow Gold
Custom Moissanite Rings Bad

High-End Moissanite Custom Rings

If you've wanted to get your hands on a quality moissanite ring with custom features, Ice Cartel is here to help you secure the exact piece of jewelry that you want. Our team has decades of experience with moissanite and has created hundreds of custom moissanite rings over the years for clients around the world. We have a deep understanding of the importance of high-end, stylish custom pieces.

The Best Materials

Our moissanite rings custom made for your specific requirements utilize VVS diamonds (various cuts available at your request), 14K yellow/white gold and 925 sterling silver. Lots of experience and time working with different raw materials have settled us into using these as the basis for our crafts. Note that we can use other materials if requested, such as higher karat gold, but we recommend sticking to 14K.

Anything You Desire

It's literally this simple: if you have a custom design moissanite ring and it's technically possible to make, we'll do whatever we can to bring your dream to life. From small alterations to existing work that we already sell through to completely unique jewelry that's based entirely upon your vision – let us take care of the custom moissanite ring task that you've got in mind. It's what Ice Cartel does best!

Making Custom Rings Since 2017

Ice Cartel started in 2017, but the team goes back way further than that. Most of the jewelers we work alongside have at least a decade of experience working with diamonds and understand the work required to create stunning, attractive custom jewelry. Suffice to say that we're more than equipped to create exactly what you need – our existing work speaks for itself. When it's custom moissanite, pick Ice Cartel.

A Focus On Iced Out Products

Premium iced out jewelry is what Ice Cartel has focused on. We want you to wear jewelry that lets everyone know what you're about, and nothing is quite as stunning as VVS moissanite rings. Our team is constantly looking for new and interesting challenges – as well as the ability to deliver exact specification products to clients who only seek the best of the best.

Wear It For Life

A central part of Ice Cartel's ethos is that we create jewelry that's supposed to be worn on a daily basis. These aren't brittle, low quality products that will break and bend the moment you put them on: our commitment is to create jewelry that will last a lifetime. Any custom moissanite ring you order from us – with proper wear and care – will last several years.

Custom Moissanite Rings GGI

Custom Moissanite Rings FAQs

Are you using VVS moissanite for the rings?

Yes. All of the jewelry crafted at Ice Cartel uses VVS moissanite. Our experience with working alongside this diamond grade is that it's the best option for the finest jewelry. Lower quality doesn't cut the mustard and just isn't suitable for the iced out aesthetic that we're trying to create. It goes without saying that if you're going to bother with moissanite, you might as well get your hands on VVS for the best possible look. We'll also ship your custom design moissanite ring with a GRA certificate, so you know that you're getting exactly what we say you are.

How much can you customize the rings?

It's incredibly rare that we get a request we cannot fulfill, and to the best of our knowledge, no ring request has ever had to be declined. This ought to give you the utmost levels of confidence when it comes to getting your moissanite custom ring from us: it's likely to be possible to get what you want. Ice Cartel allows you to really play around with what you desire and throw ideas at us – the more information you give us about the custom design you want, the better. Be as specific as possible and our jewelers will walk you through the entire process so you can get the custom, iced out ring you've always wanted.

How do I know which ring size fits me?

If you're unsure of which ring size will fit you, we recommend going into a physical jewelry store, trying on a few items and getting a precise measurement on what you need. This will allow you to be confident that whatever you get from Ice Cartel will fit you with no questions asked. Generally speaking, we recommend picking a size that's slightly larger than you're currently wearing to allow for temperature changes and other factors. A ring that's slightly too big is far better than a ring that's slightly too small. Please let our jewelers know what country you got the measurement taken in too – different countries use different standards.

How long does it take to receive my custom ring?

Get in touch with us for more details on this – typically speaking, it all comes down to the complexity of the job and how difficult it is for our jewelers to craft what it is that you're requesting. The average time is two weeks from start to finish, but small modifications to existing products can be done in a quicker timeframe. We try to be as quick as possible with our custom projects, but please understand that we do not rush the process under any circumstances. We care about all of our custom moissanite rings being shipped in perfect condition and to our high standards. This means that wait times of 2 to 4 weeks are not unrealistic. That said, we think it's more than reasonable, considering that you'll be able to use the ring for a lifetime!

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