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Découvrez les bijoux emblématiques de Bobby Shmurda - Icecartel

on May 08, 2024

Bobby Shmurda is a very well-known name in hip hop music, for both right and wrong reasons. He had to serve a 7-year-long sentence in the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York for multiple charges like weapons possession, reckless endangerment, and even conspiracy of murder. While the rapper spent these many years in jail, the streets never forgot the smash hits he dropped like ‘Hot N***a’.

In his glory days, the American rapper-songwriter used to boast a massive collection of jewelry. His jewelry collection includes luxury chains, pendants, rings, and watches. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most famous jewelry pieces in Bobby Shmurda’s collection.

The rapper finds it really difficult to keep himself out of trouble though, even now. In March 2024, he got into a fistfight at a club in London with the club’s promoter, after performing two songs. While we can never guess if the American rapper loves to get in trouble with law enforcement, we know for sure that he appreciates expensive jewelry. 

History of Bobby Shmurda

Before we extensively discuss Bobby Shmurda’s jewelry collection, we would like to go over his history for a bit. The American rapper might not have lived a very inspiring life, but it was interesting for sure.

Bobby was born on August 4, 1994. The rapper hails from Miami, Florida, with his official name being Ackquille Jean Pollard. His background is a mix of Trinidadian from his mother's side and Jamaican from his father's. He's the youngest of two brothers.

Unfortunately, his father, Gervase Johnson, was convicted of attempted murder in 1995 and got a life sentence when Bobby was just two months old. As a result, Bobby's mother, Leslie Pollard, moved the family to East Flatbush, Brooklyn, settling on 53rd and Clarkson. Growing up, Bobby shuttled between the northern and southern United States to stay connected with his father, who always urged him to avoid the dangers of the streets.

Even today, Bobby does not seem like paying attention to his father’s advice. Anyways, he had a fascination with rap music, and he used to practice it with some of the members of the teenage gangs he used to hang out with. Before he became a big thing in the hip hop music industry, he even served 15 months in a juvenile detention center.

In March 2014, Bobby released his debut single ‘Hot N***a’ on YouTube. The song, produced by Jahlil Beats, initially used the beats from Lloyd Banks's track ‘Jackpot’. Bobby and his close friend Chad ‘Rowdy Rebel’ Marshall sold a mixtape featuring the song for $5 on the streets.

However, it wasn't until they made a music video for the song and uploaded it to Vevo that it gained traction. The low-budget video, showing Bobby and his friends dancing in the street, played a big role in the song's success.

After Epic Records officially released the song in the summer, it reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Critics praised its authenticity, and even seasoned rappers hailed Bobby's talent. Artists like Juicy J, French Montana, Lil Wayne, and Lil Kim released their own versions over the song's beats.

Two months later, Bobby dropped the remix featuring Fabolous, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, Rowdy Rebel, Busta Rhymes, and Yo Gotti, along with a reggae remix featuring Junior Reid, Mavado, Popcaan, and Jah X. While Bobby didn’t become popular ‘overnight’, as ‘Hot N***a’ took some time to take off and become popular among the mainstream audience, it has to be said that this one song changed Bobby’s life.

Later that year, Bobby released his debut EP, ‘ Shmurda She Wrote ’, featuring five tracks including ‘Hot N***a’, ‘Worldwide Na’, ‘Bobby Bitch’, ‘Living Life’, and ‘Wipe the Case Away’. The EP sold 20,000 copies in its first week and entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 79.

While the release brought him musical success, it didn’t bring him any good luck, at least on the legal front. On December 17, 2014, NYPD officers arrested Bobby Shmurda and 14 members of his hip hop group, GS9, outside Quad Studios in New York City. The arrests followed a yearlong investigation into their suspected roles in several shootings and drug trafficking activities.

Bobby Shmurda faced charges including conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and illegal possession of firearms. Authorities also discovered 21 guns and a small quantity of crack cocaine during the operation. Later he took a plea deal, which sent him to prison for seven years.

In February 2021, the rapper was allowed a supervised release. He is supposed to be under supervision till 2026. Well, look at his recent incident with the club in London, it does not seem like that Bobby cares about being under supervision that much.

With his history out of the way, let’s take a look at Bobby’s jewelry collection. While he is not really an inspirational figure, especially for his personal life and legal troubles, his fashion and jewelry preferences still have some loyal fans. The rapper also loves to flaunt his expensive pieces on social media from time to time. 

Bobby Shmurda Chains and Necklaces

The GS9 Chain

The GS9 chain features a massive GS9 emblem, representing the hip hop group based in New York City, of which Shmurda is a current member, alongside other notable artists like Rowdy Rebel and Corey Finesse. Shmurda has been a member of the group since his teenage years. He also has a long-lasting friendship with Rowdy Rebel.

This stunning chain was crafted by Benny the Jeweler, a renowned creator from New York known for designing custom pieces for celebrities and influencers.

Decked out in solid diamonds and gold on all sides, the piece hangs from a striking gold chain. While the exact cost remains undisclosed, given its exquisite design and sentimental value, it's likely worth every penny spent on it.

Shmurda absolutely loves his group, and he and some other members have even gone to prison together right after their early musical success. Serving a prison sentence could not dent his allegiance to the GS9, which makes this pendant even more valuable.

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Necklace

This piece is not an ancient antique that Shmurda got his hands into, rather it looks like a pharaoh necklace. Initially conceived as a shotgun shell holder necklace for Lil Pump, the necklace underwent a transformation inspired by ancient Egyptian royalty.

Crafted by Bobby’s go-to jeweler Avianne & Co., the necklace features perfect details and exquisite craftsmanship. You’ll understand when you learn about the crafting process Avianne went through to make this piece.

The design process was meticulous, with Avianne drawing inspiration from historical pharaohs and the kind of jewelry they used to wear around their neck, inspired by the Egyptian Gods. Multiple mock-ups were created before the final piece was crafted in real gold and diamonds. The mock-ups were created with silver. The necklace is designed to sit prominently on the chest, reminiscent of how pharaohs wore their chains in ancient times.

After Lil Pump decided not to proceed with the project, Avianne kept the necklace in his safe until Bobby Shmurda's release from jail. Recognizing Shmurda's influence and stature in the hip-hop community, Avianne presented the necklace to him as a symbol of kingship and respect. Shmurda immediately connected with the piece, showcasing its undeniable appeal and significance.

The necklace remained exclusive, with Avianne waiting for the right buyer to appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship. Eventually, Bobby Shmurda's admiration for the necklace led to its acquisition, completing the story of its creation and finding its rightful owner. In the whole process, Avianne surely made some good bucks! Reportedly, this necklace cost Bobby almost $800,000. 

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Bobby Shmurda Pendants

Bad Boy Pendant

Bobby shmurda bad boy pendant

The ‘Bad Boy’ pendant stands as a true testament to Shmurda’s personality and flamboyant taste in jewelry. Shmurda never claimed that he was a good boy, rather he became known as the ‘Bad Boy’ of the hip hop industry due to his jail sentence. This chain fits him very well.

Crafted by the renowned jeweler Avianne & Co., this custom piece is more than just an accessory. The pendant features the bold inscription ‘Bad Boy’ in capital letters, crafted from 14k gold and iced out with a plethora of dazzling diamonds.

What sets this pendant apart is its intricate detailing, with the center part decorated with vibrant sapphires, blue diamonds, and other exquisite gemstones. Each gemstone is customized to ensure the pendant’s glow and sparkle, making it a striking statement piece that grabs anyone’s attention.

The Shmurda Pendant

This is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry owned by the rapper. This pendant is an oversized custom piece spelling out ‘Shmurda’ in bold capital letters. What's even more impressive? The entire piece glows in the dark. So not only does it grab attention during the day, but it continues to turn heads after nightfall.

This sizable accessory is undoubtedly heavy, likely affecting Shmurda's posture. Yet, wearing one's name in solid gold and diamonds signifies significant success and progress. It's a symbol of how far he has come and the level of achievement he has attained. Designed by Eric the Jeweler, Bobby really hoped that this pendant would bring a new ‘glow’ to his life. Pun intended!

This impressive piece was a gift from his forever friend Rowdy Rebel. It did not take Rowdy Rebel long to celebrate his best friend’s release from prison with such an elegant and unique piece of jewelry. 

Rowdy certainly knows what Bobby Shmurda likes! And guess what? He presented this insane pendant to Bobby right after he got released from prison. The GS9 homies might not know how to stay away from law enforcement, but they sure know how to celebrate an occasion! 

Interested in rapper jewelers? Learn more about them.

Bobby Shmurda Ice Box

Bobby Shmurda Ice Box

On February 28, 2021, Shmurda linked up with the famous Icebox Diamonds and Watches, and he was accompanied by fellow rapper Quavo.

Straight off the jet, he got himself quite an entourage, and he was shown several custom pieces, which included six decked-out watches and several rings to boot. From the looks of it, there were some Cartier and Iced Skeleton AP in that Icebox. The prices were not mentioned, but at the end of the video , you'll see our man decking out cold, solid cash. 

Bobby Shmurda Watches

Avianne’s Custom Rolex Watch

On February 27, 2021, Avian Jewelers also dropped a video where they showed Bobby Shmurda cashing out on one of their newly made Converse Custom Rolexes.

The video showed jewelry designer Elliot Avianne of the NYC Diamond District Shop Avianne & Co. who presented a mold for Shmurda. From the looks of it, the mold was for the Bad Boy pendant. The jeweler then presented several rings and proposed a custom set that came with a Rolex watch.

Avianne showcased several watches, most of them adorned with precious stones like emeralds as well as baguettes. The price for the watch Bobby chose was originally worth $65,000, with Avian stating his price at $55,000. Shmurda tried to jokingly bargain at $45,000, but in the end, the two agreed on the price of $55,000. 

Rolex Sky Dweller Watch

Bobby Shmurda Rolex Sky Dweller Watch

This marked Bobby's first splurge post-release. Following getting the lavish Eric the Jeweler "Shmurda" pendant from Rowdy Rebel right after his release, Bobby expanded his collection with a fully adorned, two-toned Rolex Sky-Dweller .

As per GQ, the 42mm timepiece required resizing due to Bobby's muscular gains during his time in prison. The modern Rolex design boasts various features, including center hour, minute, and second hands, a 24-hour display, an instantaneous annual calendar, and months displayed via apertures around the dial's edge, all adjusted using Rolex's innovative Ring Command bezel and crown at 3 o'clock.


Bobby Shmurda going out on a jewelry hunt right after his release is proof of his favoritism towards expensive things. It’s no surprise that his collection is full of expensive jewelry pieces and accessories. While many people expressed that buying new expensive stuff would be the last thing they would do should they serve a prison sentence and get released, Bobby is no common man for sure!

While serving his sentence in prison, Bobby did not lose two things- his fascination towards rap music, and his ambition to buy luxurious jewelry. He even recorded a song by rapping over the prison telephone. It’s quite certain that he planned his post-release jewelry and watch splurge during the time he was serving his sentence. Bobby Shmurda is indeed a very interesting character in the hip hop music industry.

Questions fréquemment posées

Who designs Bobby Shmurda’s Chains?

Even though the iconic Shmurda chain is crafted by Eric the Jeweler, Bobby Shmurda’s favorite jeweler has to be Elliot Avianne from Avianne and Co. The jeweler once confessed that Bobby purchased more than 2 million dollars worth of jewelry and watches from him. One does not simply pay someone 2 million dollars unless they really are the most favorite jeweler, right? 

How much is Bobby Shmurda’s jewelry collection worth?

Bobby has many jewelry pieces that never revealed their prices in public. That’s why it is impossible to state the exact value of Bobby’s jewelry collection. However, from the disclosed prices and what his jewelers said from time to time, his jewelry collection can be worth well over 5 million dollars!

Where can I buy replicas of Bobby Shmurda’s chains?

For his popular music and prison shenanigans, Bobby Shmurda is indeed a famous(or infamous?) figure in rap music. It’s no surprise that his jewelry pieces are popular and many people want replicas of those iconic pieces. Many online jewelers are selling cheap copies of Bobby’s jewelry. In fact, you may even find a cheap version of the glowing Shmurda pendant if you look enough.

However, if your priority is not just getting jewelry that looks like Bobby’s, but rather you want something premium and crafted with quality materials, then we present you Icecartel’s Custom Jewelry service. Here at Icecartel, we use premium quality sterling silver, white and yellow gold, and moissanite diamond to satisfy the needs and desires of our customers. Want a similar jewelry piece like Bobby Shmurda and need it to be iced out? We are here at your service!

Our jewelry pieces are super affordable, top quality, and skillfully made. On top of that, we don’t mind offering our customers a generous money-back guarantee. Not just Bobby Shmurda’s jewelry, at Icecartel, we can bring any custom design to life as per your liking. 

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