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☀️ Summer Sale | Up to 40% OFF

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Combien vaut une chaîne en or 14 carats ? Guide des prix des chaînes en or

on May 01, 2024

Gold chains have always been one of the most elegant and timeless pieces of jewelry that not only elevate your daily look but also add a sophisticated charm to any formal attire.

Out of different types of gold jewelry, 14K gold chains are especially popular due to their durability, strength, bright yellow hue, and affordability, when compared to 18K and 22K gold chains.

But how much is a 14K gold chain worth? What should you expect to pay when shopping for a gold necklace?

Let’s take a closer look at what 14K gold is and explore the aspects that determine the gold chain value. We’ll discuss some of the most important factors, including the market value, gold purity, design complexity, chain condition, brand reputation, and more.

What Is 14K Gold

The purity of gold jewelry is measured in karats, which indicates the proportion of gold in an alloy.

While pure gold is a very durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant material, it’s never used in jewelry making. The reason for this is that pure 24K gold is very soft and can easily be bent, scratched, dented, or deformed. Therefore, jewelers use gold alloys instead of pure gold, 14K gold being one of the most popular options.

14K gold is an alloy in which 58.3% of the total weight consists of pure gold and the remaining 41.7% is a mixture of other metals, such as silver, copper, zinc, and cobalt.

The addition of other metals makes 14K gold harder and more durable. Besides, these metals also change the color of the alloy and give it a bright yellow hue. 

Determining the Value of a 14K Gold Chain

how much does a 14k gold chain cost

So, how much does a 14K gold chain cost?

There is no specific answer to the question as there are a number of factors that influence the gold chain value. These factors range from the purity of gold and design complexity to the market price and resale value.

Here’s a comprehensive price guide to determine how much a 14K gold chain is worth. 

Market Price of 14K Gold

Gold prices are affected by various factors, including inflation, geopolitical tensions, supply, demand, mining costs, refining expenses, and more. Therefore, gold prices fluctuate over time and the market price of a 14K gold chain heavily depends on this.

The easiest way to view and track the gold price is through online charts that include real-time fluctuations and movements. However, you’ll need to convert the given gold price based on the purity of your chain. 

14K Gold Purity

Gold purity is another important factor that influences the price of a gold chain. Gold chains are measured in karats based on the composition of a gold alloy. 14K gold is only 58.3% pure, meaning that the price of a 14K gold chain will be 58.3% of the pure gold value.

To determine the price of a chain based on the purity of gold, you should calculate the mass of pure gold in your 14K gold chain by multiplying the total weight of the chain by 58.3% and dividing it by 100%. Next, you determine the market price of your 14K gold chain by multiplying the mass of pure gold in your chain by the current market value of pure gold.

In a 14K gold chain, the amount of pure gold is 58.3% of the total weight of the chain. If your chain weighs 55 grams, the weight of pure gold is 32.065 grams. Let’s say the market value of pure 24K gold is $76. Then the market price of your 14K gold chain will be $2,436.94 (when ignoring its design, brand, and resale value).

Total Weight of the Chain

how much is a small 14k gold chain worth

The weight of your gold chain will significantly affect its price. In general, heavier gold chains cost more.

While gold chains that weigh less typically also cost less, there are a few factors to consider to accurately determine the price.

For example, if one gold chain weighs 20 grams and another chain weighs 25 grams, the heavier one won’t necessarily be more expensive. This is because gold chains with intricate details and unique designs may weigh less but have a higher value due to fine craftsmanship. 

Chain Design

Chain design is another crucial factor that you should consider when determining its price.

Gold chains featuring a complex design with delicate details will most likely be more expensive than plain chains. In addition, creating intricate patterns may require more time, effort, expertise, and materials, which increases the price of a chain.

Besides, the pricing will also depend on whether the chain is handmade or mass-produced. In general, handmade jewelry is often more unique, personalized, and environmentally friendly, meaning that handcrafted chains may cost more than machine-made alternatives.

Additionally, one-of-a-kind gold chains crafted by local jewelers may cost more than machine-made chains, unless they are from luxury brands. 

Jeweler’s Reputation

A jeweler’s reputation and expertise can also impact the price of a 14K gold chain. Well-established and experienced jewelers often charge more than those with a lower level of expertise.

When purchasing a gold chain from a reputable jeweler, you should expect a flawless surface with a smooth finish and no imperfections. Besides, such jewelers may also offer certificates and warranties, increasing the gold chain value.

Jewelers with less experience, on the other hand, usually craft more affordable gold chains that may have some imperfections. While these jewelers can also be trusted, you should expect cheaper prices. 

Resale Value

14K gold chains hold a notable resale value in numerous countries. While cultural significance is one of the most important factors, the quality, purity, design, and brand also affect the resale price.

Designer gold chains, those with traditional elements, and necklaces that feature precious gemstones typically have a higher resale value, meaning that they cost more.

Contrarily, 14K gold chains with no unique details may have a lower resale value and, therefore, be more affordable. 

Chain Condition

If you’re buying or selling a used 14K gold chain, then its overall condition will be one of the most crucial factors that determine its price.

If your gold chain is in pristine condition, you should expect to get anywhere between 85% and 95% of the current gold price for your chain.

On the other hand, gold chains that show minor wear and tear can be sold for about 70-80% of the current market value.

When gold chains indicate heavy signs of physical damage, you may only get paid for the pure gold in your jewelry, which is 58.3% of the total chain weight in the case of 14K gold. 

Addition of Gemstones

Last but not least, the presence of embellishments on your gold chain can significantly increase its price.

14K gold chains are often decorated with precious and semi-precious gemstones, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other natural crystals.

Therefore, the 14K gold chain value will also depend on a gemstone's preciousness and carat weight. 

Buy 14K Gold Chains from IceCartel

IceCartel offers a wide variety of gold chains, including those made of solid 14K gold. With unique designs, top-quality craftsmanship, and reasonable prices, IceCartel is one of the most reliable destinations when shopping for gold jewelry.

Here are some of the must-have gold chains from IceCartel’s exclusive 14K gold chain collection. 

6MM Cuban Link Chain 14K Yellow Gold

Made of solid 14K yellow gold, this Cuban link chain features an elegant design. While the chain itself is quite classy, the box clasp is iced out with round cut, colorless moissanite flawless diamonds, giving it a unique look. With a total weight of 35 grams, this 20-inch 14K gold chain is an ideal option for those who opt for a minimalistic style or want to layer the chain with other necklaces. 

Custom-Made Gold Chains from Icecartel

IceCartel offers an exclusive custom chain-making service, where you can select 14K gold as the base material for your chain.

Whether you want to design a plain solid gold necklace or ice it out with flawless moissanite diamonds, IceCartel can transform your vision into an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Get your free custom jewelry quote from IceCartel and design a one-of-a-kind gold chain that reflects your personality and style.


If you’re wondering how much a 14K gold chain costs, you should address a few crucial factors to determine the gold chain value.

To establish the value of a 14K gold chain, you should consider the market price of gold, purity of your chain (58.3% in the case of 14K gold), total weight, design complexity, jeweler’s or brand reputation, its resale value, chain condition, and presence of additional gemstones or other embellishments.

Gold chains with exclusive designs and precious gemstones are typically more expensive. Besides, jewelry made by established jewelers or designer brands also has a higher price. In the case of a used 14K gold chain, its condition is one of the most important factors that determines the price.

All things considered, it’s essential to follow a multi-step assessment process to accurately set the price for your 14K gold chain. 

Author Joosep Seitam

Joosep Seitam

Joosep est né à Tallinn, en Estonie, un petit pays d'Europe du Nord. Il est entrepreneur et l'un des cofondateurs d'Icecartel. Joosep travaille dans le secteur de la bijouterie depuis 2019, année où il a créé la marque à partir de zéro. Au cours de ces années, Joosep a appris tout ce qu'il y a à savoir sur l'industrie de la bijouterie et il est ici pour partager tout cela !

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