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☀️ Summer Sale | Up to 40% OFF

🚚 Free Shipping on All Orders

custom moissanite chains

Chaînes en Moissanite personnalisées

Shop Custom Moissanite 925 Silver, 14K Gold Hip Hop Chains

211 products

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Unboxing Custom Moissanite Chain
Vidéo de Toot
Voir le produit
IceCartel Jewelry Unboxing
Voir le produit
Surprising BF with IceCartel Chain
Video by Bran & Jus

Unboxing Custom Moissanite Chain

Vidéo de Toot
Voir le produit

IceCartel Jewelry Unboxing

Voir le produit

Surprising BF with IceCartel Chain

Video by Bran & Jus
Custom Moissanite Chains Showcase

Shop For Custom Moissanite Chains

If you're looking for a custom moissanite pendant and chain, there's no better service for you to utilize. Since 2017, Ice Cartel has crafted some of the greatest custom projects using VVS moissanite diamonds for the ultimate iced out aesthetic. We're serious when it comes to custom hip hop chains and providing you with the best of the best when it comes to quality materials, fantastic design and attention to detail.

All About The Details

It's true: Ice Cartel cares about the little things so that you don't have to. We find that when you pay close attention to small details, the best things can happen. Durability is a key aspect of our craft: we want what you purchase here at Ice Cartel to last forever. That's why a lot of care and attention goes into ensuring your custom hip hop chain is as well constructed as possible.

The Best Materials

Materials are incredibly important when it comes to custom moissanite chains. After many years of experimenting, we've settled on using 925 sterling silver, PVD plated 14K white/yellow gold and of course, VVS moissanite diamonds. Our expert team of jewelers has extensive knowledge and practical experience with these materials to create stylish, classy jewelry.

Custom Iced Out Chains – The Best of the Best

You've looked far and wide for iced out custom diamond chains – now you're able to finally get what you've always wanted! No request is too big or too small for the team at Ice Cartel: from small adjustments to existing necklaces through to completely custom iced out chains, let us be your first port of call when you want stellar jewelry with a hip hop look.

Your Vision Materialized

What's special about Ice Cartel is that we're able to craft unique and bespoke chains with very little information. While it's true that the more details you give us about what you want, the better, we're able to take a rough outline of what you need and to then create an absolute masterpiece as a result. This is the ultimate service for those that want custom iced out chains!

Quick Turnaround Times

Other jewelers might have you waiting several months, or even years, for a custom piece. Ice Cartel's streamlined process ensures that our quality products are ready within roughly 4 weeks. Note that this does not require us to rush our craft: every piece we ship is durable, attractive and ready to be worn on a daily basis. Order your iced out custom diamond chain today.

Custom Moissanite Chains FAQs

How thick can the custom moissanite chain I order be?

The world's your oyster – we've yet to have a request for a custom chain that we cannot fulfill. The only thing we will warn you of is that excessively large chains take a long time to craft and are heavy too. They're not the most comfortable items of jewelry to wear, plus the raw material cost alone can be quite costly. However, if you're serious about having the thickest custom moissanite chain possible, we're able to facilitate such a craft. In fact, Ice Cartel welcomes weird and wonderful custom orders – we're passionate about creating stunning jewelry and going above and beyond the customer's expectations with exquisite, trendy necklaces that you'll want to wear every single day.

What materials are the chains made of?

When Ice Cartel first started, we put a lot of effort and energy into picking the correct materials for our jewelry. We've settled on using these key components for all of our crafts: PVD plated 14K white/yellow gold, sterling silver (925) and the finest VVS moissanite diamonds you'll find. We've experimented with higher karat gold and find that it's less durable and aesthetic: silver is also a fantastic material to work with as a base for your necklace. Oh, and as you can imagine, the colorless VVS moissanite diamonds we use are absolutely stunning. There's a reason why so many people come to Ice Cartel for their custom iced out chain orders.

Can I purchase a custom chain with a custom pendant?

Absolutely! We're not just known for our custom moissanite chains: we also have a custom pendant specialist that creates name, emoji and letter/character jewelry to attach to your necklace. We offer a small discount to anyone who's ordering both at the same time, so if you're thinking about going all-out with your custom moissanite jewelry order, let us know what you're after and when we ship the final product to you, the pendant will already be attached. Ultimate luxury and peace of mind – it's what Ice Cartel does better than the rest.

Which size chain will fit me?

Let us know your height and build when putting in an order if you're not completely sure of how long you'd like for your chain to be. One thing we do want to make clear is that larger necklaces can be quite heavy and after a while, slightly uncomfortable to wear on smaller frames. This is generally the case in only a few extreme cases though: we'll let you know ahead of time if your order is likely too large and uncomfortable to wear. Ice Cartel wants every customer to order great jewelry and to receive something that they're able to wear each and every day.

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