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How to Get Kinks Out of a Gold Chain

on Feb 12, 2024

We’ve all experienced the frustration of dealing with kinks in a gold chain. Those unexpected twists that transform your smooth-gliding gold chain into a tangled mess. So, how do you get those stubborn kinks out of a gold chain?

First, you should understand that delicate handling is important to untangle your gold chain while avoiding further damage. In fact, you just need to follow a few simple steps to restore your gold chain’s integrity. 

In this comprehensive guide, we explain what causes twists and knots in a gold chain and share the tools you’ll need to remove them. You’ll also find step-by-step instructions on how to get kinks out of a gold chain and prevent their formation through some quick and easy maintenance tips. 

Understanding the Causes of Kinks

Before you attempt to untangle your gold chain, it’s important to understand the reasons why your chain develops kinks. 

Although the kinks may seem unexpected, there’s always a culprit responsible for the problem. 

Here are some common reasons why gold chains develop kinks:

  • Improper Storage: Gold chains are delicate and require proper storage to prevent damage. When a gold chain is tossed carelessly into a jewelry box, it not only gets scratched but may also develop twists and kinks. 
  • Rough Handling: If you tend to pull or yank your gold chain, you should expect it to develop kinks over time. While 10K and 14K gold chains are quite sturdy, the individual chain links may still be deformed when being pulled with a jerk. 18K and 24K gold chains are softer, meaning that they can easily be twisted due to improper handling. 
  • Friction: Daily wear and tear as well as continuous rubbing against other jewelry or surfaces can cause misalignments between chain links due to friction. While this might seem like a minor issue, it can gradually transform into a huge kink, affecting the structural integrity of the gold chain. 
  • Contact with Hair and Clothes: Hair and knitted fabric can easily get caught in a gold chain, creating tiny knots or twists as you try to pull them apart. Preventing your gold chain from coming in contact with hair or fabric will minimize the risk of kinks. 
  • Chain Design: Gold chains come in a variety of styles. Some delicate designs are more prone to twisting than others. While a herringbone chain kink is quite common, Cuban link chains and curb chains are among the strongest gold chain types
  • Manufacturing defects: While rare, manufacturing imperfections can create weak points in a gold chain, making it susceptible to bending and kinking. This is more common with vintage or handmade gold chains crafted by local jewelers, but factory-made gold chains may also come with defects. 
  • Tools and Materials You’ll Need

    Although getting kinks out of a gold chain can be overwhelming, the process is quite straightforward and you won’t need any fancy tools during the process. 

    Here are the tools and materials you’ll need to remove kinks from a gold chain. 

    Soft Cloth

    You’ll need a soft cloth to lay your gold chain on and then wipe it after you’re done.

    By using a soft polishing cloth for jewelry, you’ll minimize scratches during the unkinking process. 

    Ideally, you should opt for a soft lint-free cloth to ensure that it won’t give up any fluff or lint during the untangling process.

    Needle or Pin

    It’s also recommended to use a fine needle or pin for precise work on individual kinks. With the pointed tip, you can easily navigate through the tiny spaces between the links, allowing you to prod and loosen the knots without damaging the chain. 

    Alternatively, you can use fine-tipped tweezers or needle-nose pliers with smooth jaws to gently untangle individual links without scratching the metal.  

    Baby Oil or Lubricant

    Using a small amount of baby oil or sustainable lubricant can ease untangling by loosening tight kinks in the gold chain. 

    Oil or lubricant will act as a medium between the surfaces of individual chain links, reducing friction and promoting smoother manipulation. 

    Soapy Water

    If your gold chain is made of solid gold, then you won’t have to worry about getting it wet. As an alternative to baby oil or lubricant, you can use some warm soapy water to loosen the knots. 

    The main benefit of using mild dish soap for untangling a gold chain is that it can remove dirt and grime that could have caused the kinks and knots in the chain. 

    Note that you should avoid submerging your gold chain in water for a prolonged period of time as it only takes a few seconds for soapy water to do the job.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Kinks

    How to get knots out of gold chain

    If you’re wondering how to get knots out of gold chains, here’s everything you need to know. 

    Removing kinks from a gold chain is a time-consuming process, but it involves just a few simple steps. 

    Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get kinks out of a gold chain. 

    Step 1: Lay the Chain on a Soft Surface

    The first step to remove kinks from a gold chain is to prepare your work area. Place a soft lint-free jewelry cloth on a flat surface and lay the gold necklace on it. Don’t forget to unhook the chain and extend it to its full length. 

    By using a soft cloth, you’ll prevent additional scratches or damage while ensuring that the chain stays in place during the process. If you lay your gold chain on a slippery table, it may easily glide across the surface, making it hard to unkink the links. 

    Step 2: Identify the Kinks

    Next, you should inspect the chain and identify the specific areas with kinks. The easiest way to find the twists and knots is to lay the gold chain flat and check its integrity. 

    In addition, try to move the gold chain gently to see the spots where the chain links tend to get stuck. There may not be any visible kinks yet, but you should expect these links to twist eventually.

    For gold chains with intricate details, you can use a magnifying glass or jewelry loupe to pinpoint the areas with kinks. 

    Step 3: Gently Massage the Kink

    Before you use any tools to untangle your gold chain, consider massaging the kinks with your fingers to loosen them up. Use a drop or two of baby oil or lubricant during the process. 

    You don’t need to apply any pressure or excessive force. Slow and gentle movements are enough to do the trick. 

    If the kinks in the gold chain are tiny, a gentle massage may be enough to untangle your jewelry. 

    Step 4: Use a Needle or Pin

    After loosening up the kinks in your gold chain, you can use a fine needle or pin to pry apart the kinks. 

    You should be extra careful to avoid breaking the links or causing damage by scratching the metal. Take it slow and untwist the gold chain with a few repetitive motions. 

    If you decide to use tweezers or pliers, make sure that they have smooth or soft jaws. Serrated jaw pliers will cause irreversible damage to your gold chain. 

    Step 5: Apply Even Pressure across the Chain

    To finalize the untangling process, lay the gold necklace on a flat surface and use your fingers to apply even pressure across the chain. This will help you ensure that there are no kinks in the chain. 

    Step 6: Apply Lubricant if Necessary

    If your gold chain has developed some stubborn kinks that are hard to detangle, consider using a small amount of baby oil, lubricant, or soapy water for easier manipulation. 2-3 drops should be enough to reduce friction and loosen up the individual chain links. 

    Step 7: Repeat as Needed

    A gradual approach is key to avoiding damage when you unkink your gold chain. Take your time as you untwist the knots and repeat the process for each kink until the chain is smooth. 

    Step 8: Clean the Gold Chain

    For the last step, damp a soft cloth in warm water and wipe your gold chain to keep it clean. Make sure the chain is completely dry before you store it in a jewelry box. 

    Preventing Future Kinks

    While some gold chains are more prone to twisting than others, you can prevent tangling by adopting a few handling and maintenance practices. 

    Here are some tips to prevent kinks in a gold chain:

    • Proper Storage: Store your gold chain in a jewelry pouch or a box with individual compartments to avoid contact with other pieces and prevent tangling. 
    • Gentle Handling: Be careful when handling your gold chain. Avoid pulling, twisting, or other forceful motions.   
    • Removing During Activities: Gold chains often get tangled when you’re engaged in physical activities that involve excessive movement. Consider taking off your gold chain during swimming, running, or exercising. 
    • Regular Inspection: Inspecting your gold chain periodically will help you detect any signs of wear or damage that could potentially cause kinks, allowing you to address the issue promptly. 
    • Adequate Cleaning: By cleaning your gold chain on a regular basis, you will prevent dust and grime accumulation between individual links, minimizing the risk of kinking or tangling. 

    When to Seek Professional Help

    Seek professional help

    If your gold chain has persistent kinks and you’ve failed to remove them using the basic methods at home, it’s probably time to seek the assistance of a professional jeweler. 

    In general, it’s recommended to seek professional help if:

    • Your gold chain is severely tangled
    • It has intricate design or delicate details
    • The gold chain is from a luxury brand
    • Untangling requires professional tools
    • There’s a risk of causing further damage
    • You’ve damaged your chain during the untangling process
    • You couldn’t remove the kink in the herringbone chain without damaging it

    Maintenance and Care Tips

    Gold jewelry requires regular maintenance and proper care to keep the gold chain in good condition and reduce the risk of kinks. 

    To ensure the longevity of your precious gold chain, follow these maintenance and care tips:

    • Store your gold chain separately from other jewelry pieces in a compartmented jewelry box;
    • Choose a dry and dark place to minimize exposure to moisture and sunlight; 
    • Wipe your gold chain with a soft jewelry cloth after each use to avoid dust and sweat accumulation;
    • Use a mild soap and warm water to properly clean your gold chain regularly;
    • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and active skincare ingredients to ensure your gold chain’s longevity; 
    • Consider taking your gold chain for professional maintenance and cleaning when needed. 


    Getting kinks out of a gold chain can be frustrating, but you can still untangle your chain at home. By laying the gold chain on a soft surface, detecting the kinks, and using a fine needle, you can easily unkink the chain. 

    Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of baby oil or lubricant to your fingers and gently massage the area to get rid of the knot or twist. This method is really helpful for loosening up the kinks for smoother manipulation. 

    There are several methods to untangle a gold necklace and, no matter which option you choose, gentle handling is key to minimizing further damage. 

    Keep in mind that regular maintenance is one of the essential preventative measures you can take to maintain the chain’s integrity.

      Dans cet article, nous allons nous pencher sur les points suivants :
      &plus ;
      Auteur : Stefan Selg
      Auteur : Stefan Selg
      Stefan se passionne pour les montres depuis près d'une décennie. Depuis qu'il a reçu sa première montre en 2015, il a appris et s'est immergé dans le monde, apportant la connaissance aux lecteurs dans un langage compréhensible et relatable.
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      Auteur : Stefan Selg
      Auteur : Stefan Selg
      Stefan se passionne pour les montres depuis près d'une décennie. Depuis qu'il a reçu sa première montre en 2015, il a appris et s'est immergé dans le monde, apportant la connaissance aux lecteurs dans un langage compréhensible et relatable.

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