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Nardo Wick: Explore His Insane Jewelry Collection

on Jul 04, 2024

Nardo Wick, known for his hit "Wicked Witch," is making waves in both music and fashion. His eye-catching jewelry has become a big part of his image. Fans love his bold chains, unique pendants, and flashy watches.

Nardo's style is inspiring many to copy his look, especially younger listeners. As he grows more famous, his influence on jewelry trends in hip-hop fashion is likely to increase. Read on to know all about his epic jewelry collection.

Nardo Wick's Music Career

Les débuts de la vie

Nardo Wick, born Horace Bernard Walls III on December 30, 2001, in Jacksonville, Florida, grew up with two siblings and was deeply influenced by Gucci Mane’s music. Despite his musical passion, he faced tough times during his teenage years, turning to robbery as a means of survival and making money.

At 14, Nardo Wick began his music career, inspired by popular rappers he watched on YouTube. With his father’s help, he set up a recording studio in his bedroom and started creating his own tracks. His debut single, “Lolli,” marked his entry into the music world, followed by other songs like “Slide” and “Came Up.”

Debut Studio Album

In December 2021, Nardo Wick released his debut album, " Who Is Nardo Wick? " The album quickly rose to number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart, confirming his place in the music industry.

Breakthrough and Success

Nardo Wick's big break came with the remix of "Who Want Smoke?" featuring G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage in January 2021. This track catapulted him into the spotlight, reaching number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and going platinum. It solidified his status as a rising star in the rap scene.

Major Singles and Collaborations

Before his album, Nardo Wick made waves with singles like “Slide,” which highlighted his energetic flow and knack for catchy hooks. Following this, “Came Up” continued to build his reputation as a rising star in rap. These tracks not only demonstrated his lyrical skills but also resonated with audiences, further establishing his place in the hip-hop scene.

Nardo Wick's Jewelry Collection

Giant WICK Pendant by NYC Luxury’s Izzy the Jeweler

nardo wick giant wick pendant

Nardo Wick noticed the work done with [Lil] Durk and had a song featuring him as well. Reaching out, Izzy & Nardo began brainstorming ideas, but the project faced delays. Despite this business deal falling through, they kept the relationship intact.

A few months later, he reconnected, eager to start, saying, "We got to kill it. I'm ready for you." He wanted a quick piece, so after some research, they added unique elements to the design. They included a bullet with a skeleton inside and a chopper, creating a striking five-inch piece.

Jewelry Unlimited WICKED GANG Pendant

nardo wick wicked gang pendant

Nardo Wick added some amazing diamond jewelry from Jewelry Unlimited to his collection. He bought several chains, including ones with 12.24 and 13.92 carats of diamonds, not just for himself but also for his team.

One of the coolest pieces he got is a chain with an eye-like design, part of his 'Wicked Gang' theme. He also picked up a bold chain with a bullet instead of an eye, showing his taste for unique and edgy designs.

Another standout in his collection is a custom chain with 54.72 carats of diamonds. These new pieces highlight Nardo Wick's impact in both music and fashion, showcasing his unique style.

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$30000 Johnny Dang Diamond Grillz

nardo wick diamond grillz

At 19, Nardo Wick fulfilled his dream of getting $30,000 permanent diamond teeth, a desire he'd cherished since childhood. He chose renowned jeweler Johnny Dang for his expertise, paying all the money upfront and traveling to Houston for the procedure.

The dentist took three weeks to complete the mold, and the installation happened in just one day. The diamonds cover 20 of Wick's front teeth.

Initially, he faced challenges with eating and maintaining oral hygiene but adapted over time. While Wick enjoys his flashy smile, he remains uncertain about the diamonds' quality and acknowledges that the larger grill might not appeal to everyone.

Jewelry Unlimited Iced Out Baby Bottle - $100,000 - A Gift to Lil Baby

nardo wick iced out baby bottle

For his 27th birthday, rapper Lil Baby got a very special gift. His friend Nardowick gave him a jeweled baby bottle made by Jewelry Unlimited. This wasn't a normal baby bottle - it was covered in diamonds and very expensive. The gift was a clever joke about Lil Baby's name. A video showed Lil Baby receiving this unusual and fancy present. 

The gift shows that Nardowick and Lil Baby are close friends, and that Nardowick likes to buy special things from Jewelry Unlimited. This shiny baby bottle gift got a lot of attention because it's so unusual and expensive.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Iced Out Moissanite Watch – VVS1 “D” Color

nardo wick iced-out moissanite watch

This is the AP Royal Oak Iced Out Moissanite Watch, worn by Nardo Wick. It's adorned with top-quality VVS1 "D" color moissanite stones, meticulously set and guaranteed authentic with a 100% pass rate on diamond testers.


Nardo Wick stands out in music and fashion. His hit "Who Want Smoke?" and bold jewelry like the Giant WICK Pendant and $30,000 Johnny Dang Diamond Grillz highlight his unique style. His bold choices set trends and captivate fans.

For those inspired by Nardo Wick’s unique look, Icecartel offers top-quality jewelry that matches his luxurious style. Specializing in men's moissanite pieces, Icecartel uses VVS moissanite diamonds, 14K gold, and 925 sterling silver to create stunning and durable jewelry. Whether you’re looking for iced-out chains, custom pendants, or stylish earrings, Ice Cartel has everything you need to make a statement.

Questions fréquemment posées

How did Nardo Wick start his music career?

Nardo Wick began making music at 14, inspired by YouTube rappers. With his dad's help, he set up a home studio and released hits like "Lolli," "Slide," and "Came Up."

What are some of Nardo Wick's top songs and albums?

His debut album "Who Is Nardo Wick?" hit number 17 on Billboard. Songs like "Who Want Smoke?" featuring G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage made him a star.

How does Nardo Wick's music reflect his life and experiences?

His lyrics draw on his tough upbringing in Jacksonville, Florida, resonating with fans who relate to his stories.

What inspires Nardo Wick's jewelry style?

Nardo Wick's jewelry reflects his bold and creative personality, often featuring unique designs and top-quality materials.

What’s unique about the Giant WICK Pendant by NYC Luxury’s Izzy the Jeweler?

Nardo Wick collaborated to create a striking pendant featuring a bullet with a skeleton inside and a chopper, showcasing his creative vision.

What standout pieces did Nardo Wick add from Jewelry Unlimited?

He acquired diamond chains with 12.24 and 13.92 carats, including designs like an eye motif and a bold bullet, reflecting his bold fashion sense.

Tell us about Nardo Wick’s $30,000 Johnny Dang Diamond Grillz.

Nardo Wick fulfilled a childhood dream with $30,000 diamond teeth from Johnny Dang, covering 20 teeth and showcasing his flashy style.

What’s the story behind the Jewelry Unlimited Iced Out Baby Bottle gifted to Lil Baby?

Nardo Wick gifted a $100,000 jeweled baby bottle covered in diamonds for Lil Baby’s birthday, highlighting their friendship and creativity.

Can you describe Nardo Wick’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Iced Out Moissanite Watch?

Nardo Wick wears an AP Royal Oak Watch adorned with top-quality VVS1 "D" color moissanite stones, reflecting his luxury taste and style influence.

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