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☀️ Summer Sale | Up to 40% OFF

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14K Gold Grillz Price: Complete Buying Guide

on Jul 05, 2024

Teeth grillz are not for everyone, but for those who cherish unique accessories that reflect their personal style, gold fronts might be the right choice. As grillz come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, they are available in several price categories.

These decorative tooth covers can get expensive, so understanding the gold grillz price is crucial for selecting a suitable option based on your budget, style, and preferences.

If you’re wondering how much gold grillz cost, here’s an ultimate buying guide to get started. The article will explain what gold grillz are and how the price is affected by multiple factors. You can also find some buying tips for making a reasonable transaction and giving your teeth that eye-catching, sparkly look.

Understanding 14K Gold Grillz

understanding 14k gold grillz

Understanding what gold grillz are and why 14K gold is used for making these unique accessories is key to determining the price. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Grillz?

Grillz, also known as fronts, are types of dental jewelry with a purely decorative purpose. These are removable covers that snap over one’s teeth, enhancing the smile aesthetic.

Grillz gained popularity in NYC’s hip-hop, rap, and pop cultures in the 1980s. In the 1990s and mid-2000s, tooth covers became even more widely recognized, thanks to Southern hip-hop and rap artists.

For the past few decades, grillz have been associated with style, wealth, power, and social status. These decorative pieces not only make your smile sparklier but also let you express your individuality and personal style.

While grillz are made of various metals, including silver, gold, and platinum. Some designs incorporate diamonds or other gemstones for added brilliance.

As grillz are designed to snap over the teeth, they are often customized. You can choose the shape, size, materials, and design, tailored to your personal preferences and style.

What is 14K Gold

14K gold is the premier choice for grillz. Made of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other metals (silver, copper, palladium, zinc, nickel, etc.), 14K gold alloy offers a perfect combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

As gold is a soft metal, higher-karat gold alloys are more tarnish-resistant but can easily get scratched. Therefore, 14K gold is a popular choice for gold grillz due to its strength and corrosion resistance.

Factors Affecting 14K Gold Grillz Price

factors affecting 14k gold grillz price

The 14K gold grillz price depends on a couple of factors, ranging from material quality to design complexity. Here are the main factors that affect the price of 14K gold grillz.

Price of 14K Gold

The market price of 14K gold determines how expensive a gold grill is. You should also consider the overall size and weight of the gold grillz to determine the amount of 14K gold needed to create a given design.

To calculate the market price of 14K gold, you’ll need to check the live gold price chart . If the market price of 1 gram of 24K gold is $75, the market price of 1 gram of 14K gold will be $43.7, based on the pure gold content in a 14K gold alloy.

Metal Type and Quality

Grillz may incorporate a combination of several metals to either create an exclusive design or offer a more affordable alternative to solid gold fronts.

In general, grillz with platinum and gold as the base metal are more expensive than those made of silver, gold-plated silver, or stainless steel.

While platinum and gold grillz cost more, they are also more durable and long lasting, making them worth the investment.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, you might want to choose between sterling silver and stainless steel.

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Gemstone Value

While some grillz are made of solid gold, others are encrusted with gemstones. It could be affordable crystals like cubic zirconia, semi-precious stones like moissanite, or precious gemstones like diamonds.

If you cannot afford to buy a real diamond gold grillz but adore that sparkliness, consider opting for simulated diamonds . These gemstones are much cheaper while offering a similar visual appeal.

If you’ve been dreaming of gold grillz with gemstones that offer dazzling brilliance but are more affordable than real diamonds, moissanite grillz might be the perfect choice.

For those who cherish the value and beauty of diamonds, compromising on clarity and choosing between VVS and SI diamonds based on the budget is the way to go.

Customization and Design

14K gold grillz are often customized to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer’s teeth. That being said, customization, intricate patterns, and personalized details increase the price of 14K gold grillz.

Besides, customized gold grillz often incorporate unique and exclusive designs. Obviously, one-of-a-kind gold grillz are much more expensive than those made in bulk.

You should also consider that crafting exclusive designs requires advanced craftsmanship skills, which also affects the overall price of gold grillz.

Regional Differences

The 14K gold grillz prices can vary in different parts of the world due to the differences in regional market conditions and demand. This is because gold grillz may be particularly popular in certain areas, which increases their demand and price.

Additionally, the price of 14K gold grillz depends on whether you purchase them online or from brick-and-mortar stores. Online stores typically offer more affordable prices and worldwide shipping, whereas local jewelers may charge more due to limited availability and high demand in that particular area.

Additional Factors

A few other factors, such as current market trends and fluctuations in demand, can also influence the price of gold grillz. High demand during fashion trends or cultural moments can drive the prices up due to increased interest. If demand is lower, suppliers may charge less due to a lack of interest in gold grillz.

We should also address the brand or jeweler’s reputation when determining the price of 14K gold grillz. The cost of grillz from luxury brands or well-established jewelers is generally higher.

Price Range for 14K Gold Grillz

The price of 14K gold grillz mainly depends on the number of teeth, material quality, and design of the covers.

On average, plain gold grillz cost anywhere between $150 and $250 per tooth. For diamond-encrusted gold grillz, the price per tooth can be triple the price of plain fronts or even higher.

For exclusive designs, the price of 14K gold grillz can be influenced by the complexity of the design and the level of personalization.

Considérations relatives à l'achat

14k gold grillz buying considerations

Gold grillz can be expensive, especially when they are tailored to your teeth. Knowing what to consider when buying gold fronts will help you make an informed decision.

Here are some buying tips to follow when shopping for gold grillz.

Determining the Budget

Setting a budget is an essential step. Think of how much you want to spend on gold grillz to determine what you can afford.

Whether you’re on a budget or you can pamper yourself with a premium-quality gold grillz, finding the best deal is important.

For budget-conscious buyers, 14K gold grillz with moissanite gemstones is a perfect choice.

If you can afford higher-quality fronts, then opt for diamond-encrusted 14K gold grillz with added personalization.

The key here is to balance factors such as quality, metal type, addition of gemstones, and design complexity to get the best value for money.

Where to Buy

You shouldn’t just go to a random jewelry store and get your first gold grillz. Doing some research to find the best deal is absolutely crucial.

Before making the transaction, take your time to compare the prices from different jewelry stores and online retailers.

Here are some sources you can get your 14K gold grillz from:

Jewelry Stores

Many jewelry stores offer accessories tailored to hip-hop culture and urban fashion. You can find some unique ready-made pieces or order customized gold grillz that reflect your personality and style.

Online Retailers

There are various online retailers that specialize in selling gold grillz of all types, shapes, and sizes. You can choose the desired material and style right from your home and get the fronts delivered to your doorstep.

Local Custom Jewelers

Some local jewelers offer custom gold grillz that are tailored to your specifications. They take the exact measurements of your teeth, crafting personalized designs.

Social Media and Marketplaces

You may come across some gold grillz on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or specialty marketplaces. While some listings might be legit, others can be misleading.

That being said, we don’t recommend purchasing gold grillz from such sources, unless they come with proper certifications and grading reports. For diamond-encrusted gold grillz, ensure the certification is issued by a reputable gemological laboratory, such as GIA or AGS.

Customization Options

While ready-made gold grillz are much cheaper, customized pieces offer added comfort and a personalized look. When purchasing gold grillz, it’s essential to ensure that they fit your teeth perfectly while complementing your style.

The custom design process involves measuring your teeth and creating a design based on your expectations and preferences.

When opting for custom gold grillz, it’s important to choose a skilled and reputable jeweler or designer.

Icecartel offers custom jewelry-making services , allowing you to design your dream gold grillz. You can choose the materials, shape, and style of the gold grillz to achieve the smile aesthetics you’ve been aiming for.


Gold grillz are eye-catching accessories that transform your smile aesthetics with dazzling brilliance.

Whether it's a plain gold grill or one iced out with diamonds, purchasing the fronts involves considering several factors, including the price.

The 14K gold grillz price is influenced by the market price of gold, material type and quality, addition of gemstones, customization, design complexity, market trends, and the jeweler’s reputation.

Besides, the prices can vary in different regions as the market conditions and demand for gold grillz aren’t consistent across the world.

When buying gold grillz, it’s important to determine your budget and balance several factors to get the best value for money. You should also buy gold grillz from reputable jewelers or online retailers to ensure the quality and value.

To achieve the perfect fit, consider getting customized gold grillz that are made based on your personal style, preferences, and design specifications.

Don’t forget to get the proper certification and grading reports for both plain gold and diamond-encrusted gold grillz.

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